WHY CAN’T I BE YOU is on Sale Through 10/19!

My second novel, WHY CAN’T I BE YOU has a brand new cover! And, it’s a BookBub Deal, priced at $1.99 in all ebook formats through 10/19.


If you haven’t read it yet, this is the best time to grab an ebook. If you have, can you help me spread the word by recommending WHY CAN’T I BE YOU to a friend? Most ebook formats even let you buy a gift code to pass the book along as a surprise! 

This book is a story of finding self and connection by pretending to be someone else. It’s also full of fun and pop culture and friendship and love.

I hope you enjoy WHY CAN’T I BE YOU! I poured my heart into this book and I’d love to know it’s connecting with your heart too.

You get the popcorn, I’ll bring the hot sauce.

I have big news:

Allie Larkin’s WHY CAN’T I BE YOU?, to Universal for producers Stacy Cramer and Heather Lieberman, and writers Jennifer Crittenden and Gabrielle Allan (What’s Your Number?) attached to adapt, by Dana Spector at Paradigm on behalf of Elisabeth Weed at Weed Literary.

There was a tight publication schedule for WCIBY, and I spent a very intense stretch of time living in my head with Jenny, Fish, Myra, Robbie & Heather. I love them dearly. I actively miss them in the strangest way, and I wouldn’t have let them go to just anyone.  Jennifer Crittenden and Gabrielle Allan are adapting the screenplay and I am completely geeked out about it.  Go look at what they’ve written.  Seriously.  Go. Look.

It’s been amazing to work with Heather and Stacy to get to this point. They’ve already moved mountains, and I can’t wait to see where it all goes from here.

We might actually get to see Robbie!

Pup Culture!



I’m way behind on updates, but I wanted to share the spread Stella and I have in the latest issue of Pup Culture Magazine.  Michelle Macirella from Luminaria Photography is amazing, and so much fun to chat with too.

Stella and I have been getting to know each other on new terms over the past few months, and I’m continually amazed by the depth of her spirit.  She never lets fear get in the way of loyalty, (nor does she let my desire to sleep in get in the way of our morning jog).

I’m honored to be included in the magazine and love having these photos with one of my dearest friends.

This link will take you right to the article. I hope you’ll check it out.