100 Things – 95-97

95. I was obsessed with 21 Jump Street reruns in junior high school and secretly wanted to be an police officer like Judy Hoffs – a confession that makes people who know me well laugh hysterically.  Despite the fact that I have horrible aim and am prone to bouts of impressive clumsiness, I still think I’d have made a kick-ass undercover cop.  Plus, since I still get asked when my mom will be home by the meter man, I totally could have had a long career doing drug busts in high schools.

96. I had a crush on Doug Penhall, not Tom Hanson.

97. I finished my taxes last week due, in part, to coffee, popcorn, and St. Elmo’s Fire, Funny Farm, and 21 Jump Street on Netflix.

100 Things – 91-94

Oh my gosh! I didn’t mean to disappear from my blog like that.  Since I’ve made Tuesdays and Thursdays writing-only days, I’ve had a little trouble trying to cram the rest of the week into Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  But I am getting tons of writing done.  Which is good, since I’m, you know, a writer and all.  I am, however, a writer who does not have a single clean towel in the house at the moment.

Anyway, to get back into the swing of things, here’s a few more items for my 100 things list.

91. When I’m putting away dishes, glasses have to go in the cabinet upside down and mugs go in right side up.  I don’t know why.

92. I sleep with four pillows.  I know that’s ridiculous.

93. When I was a kid, I used to kiss frogs.  Just in case.

94. My dream car is a 1970’s era Karmann Ghia, but since I never learned manual, I wouldn’t actually be able to drive it.  Plus, the dogs wouldn’t fit.

100 Things – 87-90

Yeah, I’m still kind of boring over here, other than the fact that I got to have dinner with the #7 Book Club this week to chat about STAY, publishing, and the writing process.  They were eager for a sequel and full of opinions as to what Diane might be up to these days.  It was awesome.  And I got to hear a very funny story from one of the members about trying to replace her library copy of STAY after it fell in the bathtub.

The #7 ladies (who have been meeting for about 15 years!) are amazing and hysterical, and I had a lovely time.  I love the way meeting with fellow book lovers always seems to feel like a gathering of old friends even if I haven’t met them before.

Other than that and lunch with a friend it’s been all work and no play around here, with a little laundry thrown in for good measure.  Oh, and my Happy Birthday-Singing Friend (HBSF) missed yesterday, so today I got both a be-lated Happy Birthday call and today’s Happy Birthday call.  It was kind of awesome.  I am tempted to figure out how to save all the messages to my computer and post them.  I won’t, because I’m not sure HBSF would be too thrilled with it, but I am tempted.

So here’s another stab at my 100 Things List.

87.  I desperately miss diner salads from downstate.  The diners up here aren’t the same.  I’m not saying they’re worse, or better, they just aren’t the same.

88. I just re-read The Ordinary Princess by M. M. Kaye and am so happy that it was an influence on me in my formative years.

89. ghhhhhhhhf (that one was from Argo, who seems to think that I would like having a Kong dropped on my keyboard repeatedly).

90. I desperately miss my friends from downstate, even more than salads.