100 Things – 46-55

Here’s a pic from the hike Argo and I took the other day. I’m obsessed with the yellow/blue dusk combo that was going on in the sky and in the reflection on the creek. It only sort of showed up in the picture.

Figured I’d get back to my 100 Things list

46. I hate the sound of our doorbell, so I unplugged it.

47. I’m not good with tradition. I have a hard time doing something simply because that’s how it’s been done in the past if it doesn’t make sense to me.

48. I used to have a sweet tooth that would put Willy Wonka to shame, but I’ve pretty much conquered it at this point.

49. I think there should be a way to legally declare your friends as family (ie. I’d like to be able to declare Lady as my sister for all intents and purposes, so if I were ever in intensive care, etc. she’d be able to visit me and vice versa). Maybe that’s what living wills are for.

50. I’m upset about Prop 8 passing to the point where it keeps me up at night, even though I’m not gay, and I don’t live in California. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t outraged. It’s a civil rights issue. We decided a long time ago in this country that it wasn’t okay to pick and choose who gets what rights. Prop 8 and other laws banning gay marriage go against what America is supposed to be about. Also, making marriage about something other than consensual love and commitment between two consenting adults offends my marriage, and the institution of marriage in general. And don’t get me started on separation of church and state issues . . .

51. I have two friends I e-mail back and forth all day long on weekdays. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

52. I never liked New Kids, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, or any boy bands of that ilk.

53. I did listen to (and love) Bobby Brown when I was in junior high school.

54. I go through phases where I view most foods as simply a vehicle for Frank’s Hot Sauce. I’ve never just decided to drink it, but I’ve come close. Then the whole obsession passes and I’ll forget we have a bottle in the fridge for months.

55. My feet and hands are usually cold.


  1. I think people were generally outraged about Prop 8. We even had protests in Knoxville over it. I agree with you though: all people should be outraged.

    And good for you with that doorbell. You are firmly in control.

  2. My feet and hands are cold all the time, too. Also, my nose.

    And I just signed a living will for my parents, and they’re pretty flexible. I think you can actually stipulate that you want you friend involved. I’m not sure how much holds up, but it’s worth looking into, everyone should have one, which reminds me that I need to have one.

  3. My hands and feet are cold all the time, too. I actually sleep with my feet tucked up in a weird pretzely lotus position most of the time.

    How did I not know you had another blog? I just found this randomly because WordPress has been acting weird and showing incoming links from every blog with Funky Carter on the blogroll. More to read, yay!

  4. Shameful confession: I liked New Kids. In my defense, I was 9. I stand firm on disliking the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync and all that crap.

    My feet and hands and nose are always so cold that sometimes I worry about them. If they’re that cold, how are they possibly getting proper circulation?

  5. Pretty picture.

    I bought some of those fingerless mittens the other day so I could keep my always-cold hands a little warmer while I type on my computer.

    Agreed on the Prop 8 outrage.

    And even though I was too old for it, I liked N’Sync, but ONLY because of Justin Timberlake and the fact that he was a hometown boy.

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