100 Things – 56-64

I realized that it’s been a long time since I’ve added to my 100 Things list, so here goes.

56. I got tired of being blonde. Now I’m stripey. (And I think this picture is funny, because it looks like I’m slightly annoyed at having my picture taken, but I took the picture).

57. I love Reel Big Fish. I realize that listening to Reel Big Fish annoys everyone in my general vicinity, but they have a kick ass horn section and they curse a lot, and when you’ve had a bad day, it’s very satisfying to dance around like an idiot and sing along. Sadly, I realized in 2002, the last time I saw RBF live, that since I am not a 15 year old boy, it’s probably not okay for me to go to their concerts, even if they do have a kick ass horn section and Beer is the best song ever. Also, RBF reminds me of my best friend from high school, because, while he hates RBF, he looks an awful lot like the lead singer.

58. I have a potty mouth. I’ve gotten good about observing proper time and place rules over the years, but I do love a good obscenity. I particularly enjoy combining obscene words that don’t make any sense when you put them together. I don’t, however, drop f-bombs on my blog, because I know that cursing does offend some people, and I really don’t want to make people uncomfortable. (Side note: When Lady makes reference to someone “dropping an f-bomb,” she actually says the word and then bomb, which totally cracks me up, because it negates the whole purpose of the term f-bomb. I’ve never pointed this out to her, because I think it’s adorable and I don’t want her to stop doing it, although I think she reads my blog now . . . Hi Lady!) I, personally, subscribe to the Kevin Smith theory of cursing (which I think may be a paraphrasing of a George Carlin sentiment), which is that there are “no bad words, only bad intentions,” the exception being, of course, that carabiner is an awful word.

59. I fell asleep at 9:30 last night and woke up at 1AM, wide awake. This explains the rambling.

60. I ramble when I’m tired.

61. Our microwave blew up on Friday, so we ordered a new one and it came yesterday, and it has convection cooking capabilities, and I was really excited about it until I saw how big the manual is.

62. I love SciFi. This completely shocks me, because I never liked Stars Trek or Wars. But last year when I had the sniffles, I binge read all of Kevin Smith’s blog (there was more on the blog before he turned it into a book), and he kept writing about Battlestar Galactica and how his wife really liked it because there were strong female characters. Then, Noelle wrote about B-star on her blog, and I believe NPW made mention of it as well. So I decided to give it a try, and I love it ever so much. Then I moved on to Dr. Who, which is absurdly awesome. I also enjoy Futurama, Torchwood, Fringe, and Heroes, and we just Netflixed Firefly. I kind of feel like I was missing out all these years. Although, I do think my enjoyment of SciFi now (and my original distaste for it) has to do with the evolution of character in the genre over the years. Starbuck has a much deeper, complex range of emotions than Han Solo does. And the relationship between The Doctor and Rose/Martha/Donna will break your heart.

63. I’ve been binge reading books lately. Dog treadmill time encourages this.

64. I got excited yesterday, while reading Bookends by Jane Green, because (in addition to being a great book) there’s a Dr. Who reference in it. She refers to someone’s home as a Tardis (meaning it looks small from the outside, but is actually roomy inside).

65. I am quite comfortable with my nerdiness.


  1. The “F” word is my favorite word! Email me anytime if you feel the need to curse without posting it on your blog!!! :)

    I amek reference to curses on my blog but usually do something like this: S*** or H***

    Why are all the good curses 4-letters long? Is there some rule I don’t know about?

    ♥ Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

  2. I was f-happy on my blog for a while, but I think now I’ve settled into a philosophy of only bringing it out when I feel it can be really effective. Of course, effective to me often means using it where it’s totally unexpected, thus the effectiveness (kind of like a bomb, I suppose.)

    I do love my curse words.

  3. Jeez. My potty mouth is getting out of control. I blame my sailor-inspired grammatical work environment.

  4. I love a good f-bomb too, and I do say it on my blog, but only sparingly. I find it hits harder if I only use it once in a while.

    OH MY GOD, I love Reel Big Fish! I wore out one album (although now I can’t remember the name of it) in high school. I get made fun of for it too, but it’s such fun music!

  5. Oh yay! Firefly is my favoritest show ever.

  6. I think I can match you on point 58 :)

  7. Allie, what a co-inky-dink! I just asked on Green Answers when you were blonde and lo, I find out on Incidents and Accidents! You too look perhaps a tad miffed. Or maybe mysterious, eh? So what the fuck’s the big deal about words? I grew up on the south side of Chicago where the word functioned as an adjective, an adverb, an expletive and more or less as a comma.
    Not to prattle on, but Claire and I LOVE BS Galactica(gee, that doesn’t look right does it?). A friend of mine is one of the characters on the show is a friend of mine. Kandyse McClure plays Dee Duala, the communications officer on the bridge.
    Oh, and I love your nerdiness.

  8. Allie, I just asked about your blonde-ness over on Green Answers-what a co-inky-dink, eh?
    I think you look mysterious, maybe a tad miffes.
    I grew up on the south side of Chicago and for us the bif F was aan adjective, and adverb, an expletive and sort of a punctuation mark.
    Claire and I LOVE BS Galactica(gee, that doesn’t look right, does it?)and my friend, Kandyse McClure, plays Lt Dee Duala.
    Finally, I love your nerdiness!

  9. I say “eff” a LOT, but rarely the REAL F-bomb. :)

    Only to my husband to express anger. Ha. Which is probably bad.

    And you’re as cute as a button. But you know that, right?

  10. oh I swear a lot too. I try not to do it when the children are about but given that it is often them which make me want to swear it is not always possible.

    You look very sweet in that photo – I like stripes. Well, I love dots best but that’s a bit difficult to achieve with hair.

  11. I never would have guessed you to be a fan of obscenity, but I enjoy that because I am too. I started at the ripe old age of like 10, but my profession certainly doesn’t discourage profanity either. The F bomb and every variation of it is by far my favorite. I always love when the guests on Inside the Actors Studio get asked what their favorite is.

  12. There is just nothing like a good F bomb to make you feel better! Though I have to watch what I say in from of Miss G!

    Also I LOVE Kevin Smith! In fact I think Ben Affleck’s best scene ever was the scene he did in Dogma where he goes off on a rant to Matt Damon in a parking garage in that movie. Very good!

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