100 Things – 71-79

71. I rarely spell the word biscuit right on the first try.

72. I played Noah in a summer camp production of a musical about Noah’s Ark when I was 13 or so. Spirit-glued beard and everything.

73. I hate the sound of birds chirping. I’m kind of embarrassed by this, but it’s the truth. Like nails on a blackboard. There are tons of birds around our house b/c Mrs. Gnome feeds them, and I wish they’d just shut up already. And also, it would be nice if they’d stop pooping on our bedroom window.

74. I really, truly, and deeply love being 32.

75. I’ve always thought it would be fun to drive a steamroller.

76. I miss J when he’s at work. Even if we’re doing separate things, having him around makes me happy.

77. I can always make my left ankle crack.

78. I never get tired of watching the dogs run in their sleep.

79. My freshman year in college, I had this really cute new skirt and white flower patterned tights (shut up, it was the mid-90’s), and I wore them for the first time on this beautiful spring day and people kept smiling at me – huge, beaming grins. I felt so cute in that skirt and I was convinced they were all smiling at me because I was so cute and it was so beautiful out and life was grand. It put this little spring in my step. I’ll admit it, I was strutting in my high heeled sneakers (shut up, it was the mid-90’s). I got back to my dorm room and realized that my skirt had been caught on my backpack, and I had just walked through campus showing everyone my butt, encased in stupid purple underwear and white tights. Now, when people I don’t know smile at me, I am highly suspicious.


  1. Oh no! I can’t believe people just smiled at you instead of telling you your butt was showing! What jerks.

  2. I can very much relate to 79. I had it happen at a medical practice I was running…..after I walked thru the full waiting room my secretary told me part of the back of my skirt was stuck in my stockings. Hey, at least she told me. The old guys had waved so nicely, I thought it was my smile.

    # 71, I have that problem with vacuum. It never looks right & I have(many times) tried it with one u, KNOWING it is wrong, but… ~Mary

  3. #71 I have trouble with “occasion” – thank goodness for spell check.

    #72 Let me guess, your solo was “Singing in the Rain?”

    #73 I miss hearing birds sing. I hear the occasional (damn, spelled it wrong again — thanks, spell check!) blue jays and cardinals but it’s usually crows and pigeons around here.

    #74 And you’ll love being 33, 34, 35, etc. Because you love who you are and not what number you are. Ohhh, should I put that in a Hallmark card?

    #75 Okkaaaaay….

    #76 I completely understand. I’m the same way. But not in regards to J, because that would just be weird, don’t you think?

    #77 It feels good, too, doesn’t it?

    #78 Those crazy dogs.

    #79 Um, I just thought I should tell you, you have spinach in your teeth.

  4. haha so funny re your skirt. I did that once walking back from the loo to my desk in an office. I always check and double check now that my skirts are hanging down where they should be!

    Biscuit? Ah I never struggle with that. I didn’t realise Americans used the word. It’s environmental that I always type wrong first time – irritating given my line of work!! I have a shortcut key for it now cos I got fed up about it.

  5. Sure, easy to love being 32 when you look 22!
    I was Noah in a musical called (what else)Noah. It was a Children’s Theater production in college. Fortunately I did not have to use a beard. We performed four days a week for about 6 weeks for a thousand or so Chicago grade school kids and the spirit gum would have really sucked at 9 in the morning.

  6. Seriously, is there no decency in the world? Someone should have told you. I pledge to tell the next person I see in a similar predicament.

    And I can always make my left thumb crack.

  7. I LOVE watching my dogs run in their sleep! It always makes me wonder what they are dreaming about and if it’s anything good. I always hope its something that makes them smile.

  8. #75 I got to drive a big tractor once. I now understand why guys like driving big vehicles. If you get a chance to drive a steamroller take it!

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