100 Things – 31-35

I have a ton of stuff I want to tell you all about, but right now I’m tired and crabby and I can’t quite get my brain around the things I want to say, so I’ll just tell you more random things about myself.

31. When I was younger, I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up. I still can’t say I’d turn down the opportunity now if it were to present itself.

32. I hate it when people make anyway plural. It is not anyways. It just isn’t. Stop it.

33. I hate tissues. It’s not even just about the fact that they aren’t eco-friendly. Tissue lint makes me sneeze, and I hate the way tissues feel on my nose when it’s already irritated. I use ridiculous floral print handkerchiefs most of the time. They are ugly as sin, and I think they’re funny.

34. I used to be a headhunter for a very specific and odd area of business.

35. I stopped eating wheat about 2 years ago, when it became clear that wheat and I could no longer be friends. Now that my body isn’t constantly fighting with food it can’t process as well, my allergies aren’t as bad, I don’t get sick as often, and I feel better all around. When I first gave up wheat, I got really depressed about all the things I couldn’t eat, but now I’m used to it and it doesn’t seem that hard. But sometimes, like right now, I crave cake to the point where I can almost taste it. Yellow cake from a box with chocolate frosting that’s starting to soak into the cake and make it soggy. It should also have some sort of sprinkles on top. Maybe the flat kind that are like teeny tiny Neco wafers. Sure there are great wheat-free cake mixes out there, but that’s not what I want. I want crappy, soggy, be-sprinkled box cake.


  1. And I hate when people say literally when they mean figuratively. My husband The Professor hates it too, but ONCE he said it accidently on a video and the producers liked everything about the scene and wouldn’t retake it even though he begged and begged cuz he hated that he’d said literally. And we both wince whenever we see the clip because we know the word is coming and then he says it and he hates it!

  2. I have the mother of all tissues on hand for when I get a cold. They have aloe in them (but aren’t greasy. It makes my nose smile. Or at least stop hurting.

  3. Anyways, some of us like saying “Anyways.” Will you still like me anyway? :)

    ~Purfict grammer ain’t no fun~

  4. My little sister refuses to use tissues. One day, out of the blue, she decided she hated them.

    And I have a problem with the fact that “afterwards” is not a word, because it sounds so right.

    Sometimes I think about giving up wheat, but I can’t bear the thought. Giving up meat wasn’t so hard, but I do crave ballpark hot dogs every once and a while.

  5. Mmmm … cake.

  6. That’s a great FOTC song!

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