100 Things – 95-97

95. I was obsessed with 21 Jump Street reruns in junior high school and secretly wanted to be an police officer like Judy Hoffs – a confession that makes people who know me well laugh hysterically.  Despite the fact that I have horrible aim and am prone to bouts of impressive clumsiness, I still think I’d have made a kick-ass undercover cop.  Plus, since I still get asked when my mom will be home by the meter man, I totally could have had a long career doing drug busts in high schools.

96. I had a crush on Doug Penhall, not Tom Hanson.

97. I finished my taxes last week due, in part, to coffee, popcorn, and St. Elmo’s Fire, Funny Farm, and 21 Jump Street on Netflix.


  1. I have never seen 21 Jump Street.

    That’s all.

  2. I am so sad for you! It’s only good when mixed heavily with nostalgia. Much like the He-Man Masters of the Universe movie, if you didn’t watch it as a kid, it won’t be enjoyable as an adult. I know this, because I have tortured J with reruns and 80’s movies. :)

  3. I loved Doug Penhall! Tom Hanson was okay, but way too tortured.

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