New Book! New Website!

I’m super excited to finally share a little bit of information about my next book, Why Can’t I Be You!  It hits shelves on February 26th (complete with blurbs by three of my favorite authors: Amy Hatvany, Sarah Pekkanen, and Jen Lancaster)!

I have to admit that after spending so much time with Van, Janie, Pete, Alex & Joe, I worried I wouldn’t be able to fall in love with new characters, but I did.  I miss Jenny Shaw and the rest of the gang already and I can’t wait for you to get to know them too.

I’m thrilled to announce that WCIBY will be a Brilliance Audiobook!  Brilliance did an amazing job with Stay, and I even had the opportunity to meet the team at Brilliance during my book tour.  They are wonderful and I’m honored to get to hear Jenny tell her story!

Piemme in Italy and Blanvalet in Germany have already picked up the rights to WCIBY! Jenny Shaw is going international!

If you want to read a bit about the book, you can pop over to the Why Can’t I Be You page on my new website!

And speaking of my new website, it was an absolute joy to work with Ashley Cadaret from Little Leaf Photography and Design. I’ve been reading her blog, Our Little Apartment for five or six years now, and it’s so cool to watch her design business grow.

Ashley has been responsible for my past few Twitter backgrounds, and getting to work with her on a full site was a thrill!  The hardest part was picking just one of her gorgeous design concepts.  She’s intuitive and asks exactly the right questions. I feel like this site explains my personality visually.  It’s the perfect fit!  It’s also super easy for me to navigate and update. If you’re looking for a new website, get in touch with Ashley!

I’m already working on my next book and another project to boot, so I don’t want to over promise, but now that I have a gorgeous new website and blog, I’m hoping to blog a little more regularly.  See you again soon!


STAY in Target

So, back in February of 2009, I was shopping at Target when my agent called to tell me that STAY had sold.

I still don’t remember what I’d gone in to buy.  Handsoap? Laundry detergent?  Dog toys?  Whatever the item, it was probably an excuse to visit the book section, stare at all the covers, study all the imprints, and daydream about seeing my book on Target shelves one day.  I was always particularly fond of Plume’s beautiful covers for Jane Green’s books (and Jane Green’s books in general).

I can’t say it ever felt like a realistic dream.  It was actually more than my mind could completely fathom — kind of the way I used to kiss frogs as a kid, hoping they’d turn into princes, even though I had a pretty good idea of what the odds were.

But, yesterday, while running errands with J at the very same Target, I pulled him over to the book section.  And there it was: my very own beautiful Plume paperback, hanging out with one of Jane Green‘s beautiful Plume paperbacks.

If you know anything at all about me, I’m sure you can guess that there were happy tears involved.   Me and crying happy tears in Target go way back.

But, I have J now, so I don’t plan to kiss any frogs.

Things I’m absurdly excited about

With the holidays, friends in town, and several people I love having birthdays, last week got a little crazy around here, and I didn’t get to blog at all. I’m working on a year end wrap up post for later in the week, but a few things have had me jumping for joy & shouting “Mrs. X can suck it!” recently, and I wanted to share!
  • The cover above is the standard German version of STAY from Weltbild!  The title translates to “Sit! Place! (or stay) Love!” And I’m completely and totally in love with it.  I didn’t know it was out until a reader left me a comment in German on the Facebook page on New Year’s Day.  It was such a fantastic way to start the year!
  • When I did a Google search for the German title, I discovered that I’m listed in the German National Library.  I know this is kind of a “well, duh, of course you are, because your book is out in Germany,” thing, but honestly, it’s completely BLOWING MY MIND.  I really thought the break-down-in-massive-amounts-of-happy-tears-still-can’t-believe-this-is-real thing would start to fade eventually, but so far it hasn’t.  Every little step of the way, I have moments when I so desperately wish I could go back in time to Mrs. X’s classroom to give my heartbroken little teenage-self a big hug, and tell her that it gets oh-so-much better and someday she’ll write something that will end up on shelves in libraries in countries she hasn’t even had the chance to visit yet.  Because it really would have helped to know that back then.  Plus, if I did that, I’d totally get to travel in the Tardis, right?
  • Right before the holidays, Euromedia picked up the Czech rights to STAY!

And, STAY made several best of lists, including:

Also, I did a guest post at Crazy For Books last week, and now one lucky reader can win a copy of STAY!