On the road again!

So, I am feeling better! That was not pretty. I was getting to the point where the sound of my own cough was annoying the crud out of me.
I’ve finally unpacked from my Seattle trip…so I can pack again to head to Holland, MI for a reading at Treehouse Books on Friday night. The big suitcase we took to Seattle never made it past the kitchen. Right under the toaster. We’re good like that.
Do you travel a lot? Do you have travel tips? If so, I would like to hear them. I feel like I pack too much, but not the right things, and the second I open my suitcase there’s a huge explosion of clothes everywhere. I long to be one of those super organized travelers who has everything they need and nothing more, folded neatly in perfect little compartments. I do suspect that super organized and me are not congruent terms, but I’d settle for less messy.
In Mrs. X can suck it news, The Miami Herald included STAY in their list of beach reads and said some really nice things!
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  1. On traveling for work: If you’re going for a week, take a max of 2 pairs shoes that can go with whatever you’re wearing. If you must have a third pair, wear the bulkiest ones (usually sneakers) on the plane.

    Max of two bottoms that can go with any of the tops (think black skirt or pants). Go wild, bring as many tops as you want that will go with the bottoms so you feel you have options.

    Glad you’re feeling better!

    Also, pack a shopping bag to put all of your dirty clothes in so that your clean clothes don’t get that “they were near dirty clothes” feel. You know what I mean?

    Also remember that you’re not leaving the country and anything you might not have with you can easily be bought. :-)

  2. make sure everything you bring can be swapped around/mis matched (if that makes sense). neutral bases and colorful accessories i.e. a black wrap dress (the kind that doesn’t wrinkle) can be dressed up with heels and a scarf or dressed down with a cardigan and flip flops.

    it isn’t possible to bring too many pairs of underwear or bras.

    and i agree with kate–2 (maybe 3) pairs of shoes that go with everything you’re bringing.

    throw a few dryer sheets in your suitcase and everything will smell fresh instead of like a baggage claim. oh and downy wrinkle releaser is amazing.

  3. You should just get a tour bus for the duration of the book tour. Rock star. Then you can take whatever you want and there will still be plenty of room for the STAY groupies.

  4. Simplier is better
    By Aimee

    I am also one of those “organized” people who plans everything down to the last detail. To make things easiesr I always make a list of exactly what I will need, and stick to the plan.

    Like Cal said, Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a must have for trips. If you can’t find it at the store, a simple alternative is to hang your clothes in the bathroom while you shower and let the steam work it’s magic on your clothes while you are bathing.

  5. Kate kind of alluded to this, but if you stick with one neutral color scheme — like things that all go with black or things that all go with brown, whichever works best — then you can pack a limited number of bottoms and pairs of shoes.

    Rolling your clothes can also prevent wrinkles and helps save space. Putting your undies and socks in their own ziplock bag or pouch can help you find them too!

    Hope that helps. Enjoy the rest of your travels!

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