“Can’t stop now, I’ve traveled so far. . .”

Well, the cure for Final Countdown is apparently this (Do not click on it! I’m warning you!). I heard it on the radio yesterday, and now I am prone to randomly belting out the chorus while I make coffee, do the dishes, etc. J is so lucky he doesn’t work from home.

Oh, who are we kidding? I don’t do dishes. I put my coffee mug in the dishwasher, sing a few verses into a spatula, get distracted by something shiny, and then completely forget I haven’t finished the dishes, until I need my afternoon cup of coffee and walk into a kitchen full of messy.

But it’s all okay, because the messiest of kitchens can’t get me down when Library Journal is going around printing things like this about STAY:

“It’s GILMORE GIRLS meets MARLEY & ME in this funny and compelling debut.”

I have tried six times to type an appropriate response to that, but I just can’t. GILMORE GIRLS! Aside from Cicely, Alaska, there’s no fictional town I’d rather live in than Stars Hollow. So, sufficed to say, Mrs. X can suck it!

The LJ review is in the print issue, so I can’t link to it. But I can link to all these other amazing posts that some wonderful, wonderful bloggers posted yesterday, blog tour and otherwise.

And my little sister-in-law got in on the STAY blogging action! By the way, when she says she wouldn’t have been able to lie if she didn’t like the book, she totally means it, so I’m glad she liked it! Phew! :)

And, as a reminder, Chick Lit Central’s STAY giveaway is open until Friday, as is the query letter critique contest.

Also, I love you. Lots. Getting to share my book, and read everybody’s thoughts on it, absolutely means the world to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  1. Wow, getting compared to Gilmore Girls is high praise!

  2. Oh how I love Stars Hollow…and Stay! Mrs. X can most definitely suck it! See you at the signing!!!

  3. The link to “a free man” isn’t working.

  4. woohoo! Suck it Mrs. X!

  5. B&N sent me an email that my pre-order has shipped. One to me and one to our mutual cousin, Kris! We are two people who believe we have a book in us fighting to get out, and are totally thrilled with your accomplishment and CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT!

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