Yikes! My first book event! And a whole lot of links!

I would be completely and totally lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the big event tonight. It’s my first book event, and there are all those, What if I trip/What if the strap on my dress breaks/What if weeping angel statue aliens descend on the bookstore and steal my life force? fears, (I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who, and that episode was TERRIFYING!*).

But, I’m also completely and totally excited and so thrilled to see people I haven’t seen in a very long time, and meet people I know from the internets in person for the very first time. And I’m also thrilled to meet new people who think it might be fun to show up to see some girl with messy hair read from a book with a big German Shepherd on the cover, because, if you think that way, I just automatically like you.
Okay, so I have to go make myself look more presentable than my usual yoga pants/writing sweater now, but I’ll leave you with lots of links. Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting STAY. Every one of these links have made me smile and cry and feel so honored. I put myself out there, and you guys offered up so much kindness in return. I love you so much for it. Thank you!!!!!!
I’ll try to tweet a few pictures from the event.
Melissa Senate (You NEED to read THE SECRET OF JOY, by the way. It’s wonderful!)
Mindi Scott (Look for her novel, FREEFALL in October 2010!)

If you write about STAY please e-mail the link to me at info at allielarkinwrites dot com. And if I miss you, let me know! Oh, the book brain! :)

*Did you see it? Let’s discuss. Also, thoughts on the new Doctor?

It’s Pub Day!!!!

Oh my goodness! I am really wishing I’d had the good sense to put waterproof mascara on today, because I have been a big old mess, and every time I think I’ve pulled it together, I get an e-mail or a tweet or a phone call or someone posts a picture of their dog with their copy of STAY and I lose it all over again. I feel like the luckiest person to know such kind and supportive people and I am completely humbled (and yes, I’m crying again). Today has been amazing.

I got to stop over at the Greece Barnes & Noble today, have lunch with Linda, who runs the Titles Over Tea book club (which is WONDERFUL), and her husband Roger, and I got visit with some of the booksellers. I’ll be reading there tomorrow, and I’m thrilled. Everyone there is so welcoming and kind.
I bought a copy of my book. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that, as a writer, and quite frankly, I don’t care if you’re not. Of course, I have my author copies, but I wanted to have that experience of walking into a store and buying my very own book for the very first time. Mike, one of my friends at B&N, sold it me, and I had HIM sign it. That’s the copy I’ll be reading from.
I’m over at Penguin’s Blog today, blogging about how publishing a book is a little like skinny dipping, and I am completely honored to be there.
This is all, absolutely, a dream coming true. I heard COME AS YOU ARE by Nirvana on the radio today, and burst into tears (again). I had NEVERMIND on cassette when I was in high school and would listen to it over and over again. None of this would have ever seemed possible to me then. I am so completely and totally thankful for today.
J is taking me out to dinner to celebrate, and I don’t have time to put all the links up before our reservation, so I will post a big long link post tomorrow. Promise!!!!

Quick, give me another song!

The other day, my sister-in-law posted on my Facebook wall that we were at the final countdown for the book and now I can’t stop singing Europe.

We are so close, I can taste the grape Kool-Aid (which, after writing STAY, I will never be able to drink again, by the way).

I am also so completely overwhelmed (in a good way) by the support from all of you. This week marks the start of my blog tour, and it’s been so amazing to get to answer questions and read posts by bloggers I know and love. THANK YOU!!!! Things don’t ever feel quite real until you can share them with friends, and now, finally, it’s all starting to sink in.

Holy crap! I wrote a book. :)

Here are some links, blog tour and otherwise, where STAY has been showing up. I’ll be posting every day this week with updates as to my whereabouts online. Since I didn’t post links yesterday, there’s a one day delay on post links (if you’re interested in the minute technical details of my link posting methodology).

Also, my co-Greenists have made it STAY week at The Greenists, and in honor of Van’s penchant for the junkiest of junk food, NPW put up a recipe for organic pop rocks yesterday. Seriously! You knew NPW was awesome, but did you know she could make pop rocks?

If you’re a writer, don’t forget to enter the query letter contest.

And if you have the cure for singing Europe non-stop, please leave it in comments.