Book Fairs and German Shepherds and Bigfoot, oh my!

Well, I didn’t mean to vlog and disappear like that!

I’ve spent the past week playing catch up on all the things that didn’t get done while I was away. I’m starting to think that I need to find a way to be comfortable in the realm of not caught up, because I am always falling short of grabbing the “all caught up” brass ring. Is that just a normal state of life, or do you find that you have actual leisure time where everything that needs to be done is just done and you can sit around reading, or watching tv, or go play mini-golf without everything else hanging over your head? Or do you have to push all the to dos aside from time to time to carve out a little space for some down time?

Last weekend, I had a blast at the Syracuse University Bookstore Book Fair at the Downtown Arts & Crafts Festival.

The booksellers were lovely and so much fun to talk with, and I got to sit next to Shane Durgee, who wrote a novel about a Bigfoot hunter.
Since you all know how I feel about Bigfoot, you can probably safely assume how I felt about getting to talk about Bigfoot with Shane (if you can’t, elated would be a good word to start with). Shane was awesome company and he drew a picture of Bigfoot in my copy of NORTH AMERICAN PRIMATES. And, I started reading it and am completely blown away. More on Shane & his book in future posts. Promise!

The Bigfoot novel alone would have made for an awesome day, but there were dogs, too! German Shepherd Rescue of Central New York is an absolutely wonderful group of people who are caring for some absolutely adorable dogs.

I fell in love with Sasha, an 18 month old GSD. She was so sweet, calm, and happy in the midst of the huge crowd of people at the fair. She even fell asleep right in the middle of it all toward the end of the day.
I wanted to sneak her home in my bag, but:
  1. She wouldn’t have fit
  2. I think Stella (and J) would have been REALLY upset if I came home with another dog (Argo would have loved her)
  3. I don’t think that’s how GSRCNY’s adoption process works
If you live in Central NY and are thinking about adding a German Shepherd to your family, please check out GSRCNY. I’d love to hear happy stories about Sasha in her new forever home.
Then, to top off an already fantastic day, The Other 1/4 and The Accountant came to see me at the book fair. I wish I had the right words to fully explain the all-is-right-with-the-world kind of feeling I get when I get to spend time with my Ladies. I wish I could bottle it. I never stop feeling lucky for having the kind of friends who are the most excellent family.
I have a great Other 1/4 story to tell you, which also reminds me that I should explain why she’s The Other 1/4 to begin with. This week. I promise. :)
So, in closing, I want to know if you ever feel “done” with your to dos, I owe you a post about Shane’s book and one about The Other 1/4, and Sasha is awesome and adoptable.
Thank you, and goodnight. :)

Manticores are kind of scary.

J and I aren’t as cute as Erin and Ted (few people are), and will probably never sing a song for you on camera (unless we’re incredibly inebriated, yet still somehow able to operate the camera and post effectively). But, like Erin and Ted, we have a habit of making up new lyrics to old songs.

Our recent composition came to fruition a few days ago, while we were sitting on the couch with our laptops being nerdy.

To the tune of “You Sexy Thing.”

J: I believe in manticores. Where you from? You sexy thing.
Me: I believe in manticores. But it’s kind of hard, since they don’t exist.
J: (Laughing) I especially like the part where you say you believe in them, but then you admit they don’t exist.
Me: It’s the same way I feel about Bigfoot.
J: Nice.

We go back to work for awhile.

Me: What’s a manticore?
J: I have no idea.


I totally believe, don’t you?

The Bigfoot press conference is today. Unfortunately, I have to take Argo to the vet and I’m going to miss it. Sigh. . .

(Oh, what I do to get J’s goat!)