3Ws – Mindi Scott


What do you create?

I write contemporary novels about teenagers. When I first started writing with hopes for publication, someone described my work as “the perfect blend of humor and pathos.” I’ve been aiming to live up to that compliment ever since.

Why do you create?

Oh, man. I’ve been asking myself this question frequently while juggling deadlines​.​ My best answer at this moment is that I always have characters and stories appearing in my brain, and some of them are too endearing, too special, or too something else to keep all to myself.

My second published novel, Live Through This, was created with a slightly different motive, though. I wrote that book with the purest hope that it will reach the readers who need it, but it was also for someone who doesn’t exist anymore: Me at age fifteen.


What do you consume?

Novels! Well-written (most of the time) television series! Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Red lipstick! (That last one is consumed by accident, though.)



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