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Craft photo_Far End of Happy

What do you create?

Psychological women’s fiction. I like to feel around in the recesses of the human psyche for feelings so complex we’ve shoved them aside so our egos won’t trip and fall. Once pulled into the bright light of story, I explore situations that evoke those emotions through an intimate cast of characters. My love for lush prose battles my love of concision in each and every sentence.

Why do you create?

So that my readers, like I, will benefit from seeking meaning and beauty within the chaos that life sometimes throws our way. I create to renew my faith in humanity and retrieve the hope we need to thrive. I am willing to spend long days creating stories in my loft office so that readers can discuss the work in living rooms while sipping Malbec and nibbling Stilton. My stories may not deliver answers, but they can guide readers in the worthy activity of asking important questions. In considering all sides of an issue, we become wiser and more compassionate people.


What do you consume?

Best-selling literary novels. Books on writing craft and creativity. House Hunters International, Hershey’s dark chocolate nuggets with almonds, craft beers, tapas, and anything that is called or is in any way tangentially related to pizza, such as mac & cheese with stewed tomatoes, spaghetti with marinara and parm, grilled cheese with tomato soup, Caprese salad with crunchy French bread…you get the idea. And my stomach is growling.



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  1. I really enjoyed this meaningful interview. I have Ms. Craft’s new book, The Far End of Happy, and look forward to reading it.

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