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What do you create?

Stories, mostly. I love writing blog posts and (attempting) to write books. You can generally find me blogging over on BookRiot with some amazingly passionate bookish people, occasionally on The Huffington Post in their books section, and over on Quirk Books’ blog, the publisher where I work. I also started a local geek blog, Geekadelphia. You can find my prattling about local geek culture in Philadelphia there pretty frequently.

As for books, I like writing Young Adult books and humor. My first YA novel, Inked, comes out this month, and my first humor book, The Geek’s Guide to Dating, came out in December of 2013.

Why do you create?

You know, few things make me happier than talking about other people (I’m sorry, current and future publicists of my work). So spending time writing blog posts about books I love and stories about authors I adore makes me really happy. If writing a post helps make that happen, I’m thrilled.

When it comes to the books, well, I’ve always loved telling stories. Ever since my Mom bought me an old electric typewriter as a kid. I like making people laugh, spinning stories of adventure. Trying to write the kind of books I always wanted to read.


What do you consume?

Oh man, I read a lot of blogs. A lot. I start every morning by opening up close to 20 blogs in my browser window (I know, I know, why not use a reader?), and flip around on social media to search for other stories. And I devour YA books. NetGalley has become one of my best friends.

In addition to all of that, I have a pretty serious video game addiction. When I’m spent from writing, I love curling up on the couch with a good game, whether it’s on my console or tablet. Lately I’ve been all about Dragon Age: Inquisition on my Xbox One and Hearthstone on the iPad.

Oh! And movies. Lots of movies. I have a constantly in-flux Blu-Ray collection, and have a small projector screen in my den. Popcorn and movies on a rainy day = one of my favorite things.



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