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STAY on vacation!

You guys are wonderful! I’ve been getting lots of pictures of STAY on the shelves in your local stores, with your pets, with your friends, and out and about in your home towns. So, we decided it would be fun to do a giveaway with your photos as the entries, and we’re giving away a $50 iTunes gift card to one lucky STAY reader!

Here’s the deal:
Take STAY with you when you travel this summer, and snap a picture (like the ones my fabulous editor sent me)!
Tweet the photos of STAY on Twitter with the location and the tag #STAYnovel in the text.
Or add your photos to the “Fan Photos” section of the Allie Larkin Writes page. Include the location of the photo in the caption.
If you’re not traveling this summer, feel free to do the same with photos of STAY in your hometown.
We’re hoping to get at least one photo from all 50 states, and if we do, we’ll add a surprise bonus prize.
If you’ve already sent me a photo, please feel free to tweet it or add it to the Facebook page following giveaway rules. Please only post each photo once, either on Twitter OR Facebook. We’re only going to count each photo once, even if there are duplicates.
We’ll be collecting photos all summer, and will announce a winner in September.
Good luck & safe travels!


Guess what?

STAY hit #8 on the Wall Street Journal romance bestseller list!!!!!!

Cameras need batteries

So, I left my camera battery in the charger at home, which means you’ll get more cell phone pictures and like it. :)

I am so amazed by Seattle. There’s so much to do right in out directly outside of the city. Lady is an amazing tour guide. We went out to the shore to look for tiny sea creatures under rocks (one of my all time favorite activities. It’s been grey and rainy, but still absolutely gorgeous.

I got to have brunch with a high school friend who relocated to Seattle. I hadn’t seen her since 1994. And I got to meet her amazing husband and adorable little boy (seriously, seriously adorable). I am completely in love with the way it’s possible to sit down with old friends and pick up where you left off like it hasn’t been 16 years.

In other news, my agent, Rebecca Strauss drew a name in the query contest. Congratulations to Vicki Lane! I will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to submit your query letter and sample pages to Rebecca. And thanks to Corinne and Wendy for being a part of the contest!!!

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