So much amazing stuff going on!

Well, the query contest will close tomorrow and I’ll announce the winner on Monday. If you haven’t entered, you can go to this post to learn more about it!

And there’s another amazing contest going on! Allison Winn Scotch has organized “the mother of all giveaways.” TWENTY-EIGHT women who write are giving away books (including me). Twenty-eight lucky readers will get one book, and one winner will get a complete set of books! Learn more about how to enter, and find links to follow these lovely ladies on Twitter here.
I’m heading out to Third Place Books in a little bit for my second STAY event!!!
I’m staying with Lady, who I get to see maybe once a year if I’m really really lucky. We’ve been talking a mile a minute and laughing like crazy, which hasn’t been conducive to sitting down and putting the links together (but has been very fun). But I will put up another massive links post tomorrow, I promise. And I so much love seeing all your STAY pictures and reading your e-mails and tweets and comments about how your dogs changed your life. It’s wonderful! Thank you so very much!!!

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