Wagging Our Tails

Thank you so very much for all of your compassion and kind words. It helps so much. And it’s wonderful to feel like dog people are a tribe. We all love our pups with abandon, even though we know they won’t be here forever.  Having that understanding and support from all of you is amazing.

Argo was feeling particularly perky this afternoon, so we took some family photos. The way dogs live in the moment is such a blessing. We had fun today, and I desperately needed it. I’ll share more photos soon, but I liked the way this one fit with one of my favorite quotes.


  1. Lovely photo! Argo seems to be soaking in all of that love :) I can’t wait to see more pics of you and your adorable family.

  2. Awesome!! Enjoy :) that is wonderful :)

  3. Allie, I just finished STAY. I loved it! a real page turner, and this coming from a 57 yr old guy! Sorry to hear about Argo, every time I see his picture on the cover of the book, I go “Awww,loookit him!” Love this photo too.

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