Things that make me happy

I think I’ve got a little case of the winters. We had a little thaw out time and I jogged outside with the dogs and got to leave the house without six layers of clothing and it was awesome. Then it got crazy cold and we got more snow. That little reminder of what life is like in other seasons made it all the harder to go back to winter.

So, instead of bumming you out with a long list of little nitpicky things that have been getting on my sunlight-deprived nerves, I’m going to give you a list of things that have been making me smile.

My dogs having a blast playing together in the back yard. They LOVE the snow, and it makes me less crabby about it.

Succulents. I am a notorious plant killer, but these guys are quite hardy. I also think it’s hysterical that even our plants have dog hair on them.

And my aloe plant is sprouting little plants. I cannot even explain how nice it is to see a little green around the house.

Finding the time to read a book that made me laugh and cry and want to write love letters to all my friends.

That after 10 years of ignoring it, the cat has finally decided she loves her kitty condo. She also decided that she liked me for about five whole minutes today.

The pen and ink set J got me for Christmas. I love that I can refill it and that as long as I don’t lose it, I could have this pen forever and ever.

The little Sasquatch on the recycled paper notebook I got for my to do list.

The frosted pink sake bottle from a really good bottle of sake (that didn’t taste at all pink).

Finally taking the time to get my roots done and my hair cut. And also the fact that I’m totally incapable of taking my picture in the mirror.

What’s been making you smile?


  1. I love the haircut!

  2. Love that the cat decided she liked the kitty condo finally. Mine go through spurts of loving things and then proceeding to ignore them for ages. Like you and dog hair I find cat hair everywhere. Our little one has medium length fur and it’s in always in our food.

  3. love the hair.
    i kill plants too–which is why i plan on letting our yard be taken over by succulents–it’s my evil plan. don’t tell xian.

  4. I like your haircut! Your hair has gotten so long.

    I’m also a fan of sprouting plants :)

  5. Our kitties have one big condo which they love and one small one which they ignore.

    They also have a kitty bed which they generally ignore. Yesterday we found one of them lying in it though and we had to take pictures to perserve the moment too!

  6. Reluctant Blogger says

    Oh look at those dogs. I think I’d rather like to be a dog. It’s not a bad life, is it?

    What has made me smile? Well, I have been more smily this past week or so. It’s mostly been seeing the sun but also finishing a book (first time in months I have read anything), the kitten always glued to my shoulder.

    I’m glad it’s not just me who can’t do the photo in the mirror thing. Sandra sends me a photo nearly every day that she has taken of herself in the mirror but whenever I try it is a disaster.

    Love the hair!

  7. I love succulents, too. They are hard to kill and they look like flower petals…dogs and snow are great, too! :)

  8. Your hair looks great.

    The only thing that has been making me smile today are the long walks I take with Dingo Girl. What would we do without our furry family?

  9. K – Thank you!

    Mudnessa – I was just about to get rid of it too! Glad I didn’t!

    Rach – Thanks! I LOVE your yard plan. Maybe if we both do it, J and X will think it’s a hot new trend?

    MG – Thank you! It’s just so nice to see things growing.

    Lenore – It’s so funny. I guess it’s like suddenly realizing how great one of the sweaters in the back of the closet really is.

    RB – The kitten sits on your shoulder? That is too cute!

    Lara – I’m also considering getting some air plants. Although, if anyone can kill a plant that doesn’t even need water, it will be me.

    Dingo – Thank you! And yeah, I don’t know what I’d do without these clowns. Hugs to you and Dingo Girl!

  10. Which reminds me, I have a lot of sweaters that haven’t see the light of day for a long time…

  11. Ooh, cute hair! Also, a pen and ink set? I didn’t even know you could get those anymore, but that is cool.

  12. Allie, I love your new book site. It’s beautiful, and I can’t wait to read the book itself. It must be incredibly exciting for you!

  13. how funny! I was thinking about doing a post like this yesterday morning. I have to admit that the Oregon rain has been bumming me out and I mentally made a list in my head of things that made me happy and it totally cheered me up.

    the doggies playing in the snow would totally make me happy too :)

  14. My dog also loves the snow. it makes me love both the snow and my dog more.

    I have exactly one plant, a succulent. It’s almost 4 years old!

  15. One thing that made me smile most recently is your post and pictures.

    With three dogs and two cats, we have animal fur on our animal fur! But I love to watch Theda and Doug play ‘Snapping Jaws of Death’ in the snow. And Chloe Cat, trying to sneak under the blankets with me-I smile.

  16. Argo is adorable, but also looks a little terrifying in that photo! It warms my heart to read about the little things that make you happy!

    Being snowed in all weekend is making me smile at the moment. I was given a license to stay in my pjs all weekend. What could be better? xo

  17. I’m getting my hair done tomorrow!!! Then, I will be very happy and, hopefully, a little more beautiful. ;) Something that made me happy this morning–my 9 year old had a breakthrough with fractions!! Such pesky math.

  18. i LOVE that little Sasquatch recycled paper notebook! Where ever did you find such a thing.

    And you’re hair looks fantastic!

  19. That top photo really made me miss my dog. But I like the tone of this post and there are a lot of things that make me happy right now too.

  20. Such sweet happpy things.

    I have a case of the winters too.

    What’s making me happiest these days are (blog) writing and my tattoo journey.

  21. Oh!! Pen and ink set? How do you like it and where is it from? I need details! =)

    Your puppy is so big, I just want to wrap my arms around his neck, I love bear sized dogs- my guys are cub sized.

  22. What’s making me smile this week?
    Sunshine! Flowers blooming! Monday afternoon off to spin, read blogs and knit!

  23. Lenore – you know, I do too. :) Must check back of closet. . .

    Courtney – Thank you! is my downfall in a big way. Apparently, J and I both have a serious pen problem and will probably eventually need to go to office supply rehab.

    Amy – Thank you so much! I’m still kind of in shock. It’s amazing.

    Moni – I think you and operate on the same wavelength or something. I hope we get to meet in person someday.

    Lisa – that gives me hope that I won’t kill my plants!

    EY – Snapping Jaws of Death! Awesome! Stells and Argo do that too! I’m happy to have an awesome name for it now!

    Corinne – PJ days rock! It always cracks me up that anyone could think Argo looked scary, but that’s just because I know what a big baby he is.

    Barrie – it’s amazing what a fresh cut & color can do for the soul! One of the great pleasures of being a girl, I think. :)

    Kirsten – Thanks! The notebook came from Target, actually. Total impulse buy and totally worth it – it has tabs and folder pockets in the front.

    AFM – Oh, I’m so sorry! That has to be so hard. Glad you have some good happy things – and two of the cutest boys in blogland. :)

    TMC – I want to hear more about your tattoo journey!

    Kyla –, but I’m warning you, it’s addictive. You can come to office supply rehab with J and I in a few years if you need too. I always think your pups remind me of little Argos.

    Willow – those are wonderful things to be happy about!

  24. What a cool pen and all your animals are beautiful.

  25. 24 comments! Where did all these people come from?! And where have I been?

    The weather has been making me happy. Winter reminds me that maybe living in Georgia isn’t so bad after all. This past weekend was sixties and sunny. That’s not normal, but close enough.

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