New Addition to the Prize Pack

Orvis sent me a press release about their 2011 Dog Photo Contest Calendar:

“Great news, dog lovers! The Orvis Company’s 2010 customer dog photo contest was so successful that they designed their new calendar around the best shots. Each month features full- color images of adorable, happy dogs swimming, lounging, and jumping together in the great outdoors. In January, one dog peeks out from behind a spray of winter flowers in a snowy field; in July, another leaps playfully off a wooden dock into a crystal-clear lake. Orvis has collaborated with the Morris Animal Foundation to help fight canine cancer; Dylan, the golden retriever on the front cover, is a cancer survivor himself, and an important inspiration to the Canine Cancer Campaign. The generous donations they’ve received have helped fund research and treatments aimed at curing canine cancer within the next 10 to 20 years.

Warm your heart all year long with this gorgeous hanging calendar, knowing that the proceeds are benefitting a company that is working hard to help the animals you love. To find out more about the campaign, donate, or enter your own doggy photo in the next contest, visit”

The calendar is adorable, and I love that the proceeds are going to help fight canine cancer, especially after what we went through with Argo a few years ago.

Orvis was kind enough to send along a calendar for me to give away, and I’m adding it to the STAY prize pack! The contest will close on October 31st, and I’ll be adding a new prize every Friday from now until then, so get your photos in soon!


  1. SOOOOO cute!

  2. Sounds like a great calendar! How cool that it’s also helping furry friends. Love that golden shot.

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