I am not good at relaxing and it stresses me out.

I turned in the manuscript for STAY on Wednesday. It was the second round of revisions. There may be more changes, but this is probably the last round of major changes. Everyone I’ve talked with since has encouraged me to relax, take some time off, and/or chill out.

The problem is that I can’t. Firstly, while working on my manuscript, I left a lot of things undone. There’s a small forest growing in gutters. The weed situation in my garden is completely and totally out of control. Bills must be paid. Laundry done. Dog hair vacuumed. That kind of stuff.

And then there’s the exciting stuff. Starting a new book, or going back to one of the projects I’d been working on before we sold STAY. Author photos. A website. Some cool stuff that’s going to happen with Allie’s Answers next week. A burning desire to start playing guitar again. My new workout routine (hello, biceps!).

Plus, I want to get rid of all the stuff we’re not using so it’s easier to keep the house clean when I do get back to work. And I’m thinking about removing the drop ceiling in the basement because the tiles are old and dirty and buying new tiles seems wasteful. And can I actually redo a bathroom by myself? I don’t know. Should I try?

When I think about spending a week or two “relaxing,” I start getting tense. I start thinking about all the projects that need to be tackled and what will will be waiting for me when I’m done relaxing. But when I think about getting things done, moving forward, heading toward what’s next, I am joyous, excited, and raring to go.

I will, however, take a little time to read a few chapters of The Embers, and enjoy the fancy root beer a dear friend left on my doorstep last night.


  1. I feel the same way a lot of time. I can’t relax because the thought of relaxing freaks me out :) I know you are doing amazing things and your mind will rest when it is ready.

  2. I can totally relate! I think the key is to find a way to feel productive that also helps you relax. I find that combining activities helps (listening to an audiobook while talking a walk outside). Other times I’ll veg out when I least expect it! I’m watching movies all day today and it totally wasn’t planned, but that’s probably the only way it would happen. If I knew I’d have the time, I probably would have schedule something!

  3. hey Allie, lots of people find projects relaxing, that’s why people have hobbies! The trick to relaxtion is not sitting and doing nothing, but finding enjoyable activities to give you a sense of escape from the drudgery.

  4. I hope you get a LOT of time to relax after your book is completely done!

  5. A fancy root beer and a book? What could be more relaxing?


  6. I always think I’m good at relaxing until I have an opportunity to do so for a couple of days. Good luck with it!

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