Did I forget to mention we live in the Arctic?

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Oh, another week of meaning to blog and not quite getting to it, so here’s a pretty picture, and now I’m going to do one of my rundown lists on the events of the past week. :)

  • Last Sunday, J and I grabbed our very underused crampons, and went out to Chimney Bluffs on Lake Ontario to climb around on the ice and pretend to be Arctic explorers. We took tons of pictures on our phones, and if you click on the link above, it should take you to them — if, you know, you’re interested in seeing 60+ pictures of ice. I’ll have to steal J’s camera later and upload some of the ones of me in my sweet bright orange jacket (sale item, but super warm). It was the first time in a long time that we put aside our insane to do lists and just went out to play. It was much needed.
  • Stella was due for her shots and I suspected (correctly) that Argo had an ear infection, so I did what any dog owner who doesn’t think enough before she acts would do, and scheduled an appointment for both of them AT THE SAME TIME. The double lead leash works super well for walks when they are both going in the same direction. Not so much in waiting rooms when Stella wants to hide and Argo wants to cuddle with everyone. When the vet tech was weighing Stella, Argo taught himself how to open the exam room door and let himself back into the waiting room to, presumably, cuddle with everyone. And when the vet came in, Argo got super protective of Stella, so after he got his ears checked out, I had to run him out to the car. I have realized it is not, in fact, easier to take both dogs in at once. Separate appointments from now on, unless J can come and wrangle dogs with me.
  • I got J hooked on Friday Night Lights so I have an excuse to watch all the episodes again. As a result, I have been walking around singing, “Oh, Landry! Well you came and you gave without taking, but I sent you away, oh Landry,” because a. Barry Manilow is awesome, b. it totally fits, doesn’t it? c. Landry is awesome, and d. I’m weird.
  • I launched, Operation Please Stop Making Your Husband Look At You Wearing 15 Year Old Theatre Production T-shirts (or OPSMYHLAYWFYOPT) and bought myself some actual PJs that don’t have holes in them or advertise the most awful, un-diverse production of The Wiz that ever was performed.
  • I faced the fact that online to do list systems don’t work for me, no matter how much I love the idea of being all high tech about organization, and went back to writing things down.
  • I played phone tag with Lady.
  • I took a good, long bath, complete with bath salts, a mass market paperback, and a good glass of wine.
  • I started my days this week with 30 minutes of writing exercises.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. While I may take the cats to the vet together, they have to be taken in one at a time. Sigh. Way too much hissing and launching themselves across the room every time they hear another animal come in.

  2. I originally read your Manilow song verse as “Oh Laundry,” and while it made no sense, it made me laugh. On the plus side, I now have a new song to sing whenever I do laundry.

  3. Ok – we both read incessantly, like Barry Manilow, and love German Shepherds…are you sure we weren’t separated at birth? :)
    My week was spent dodging plumbing problems at the homefront and trying to figure out how to be a grown-up and still have fun. Not sure I succeeded at either but there is always next week to try again!

  4. I was just wondering if I could ever part with my old theatre shirts, actually… They’re at the bottom of the gym clothes pile, constantly ignored because they’re in the “I only wear XXL” phase of my life.

    OH! And I went to a writing class today! I told them I was inspired by you, and read an unpublished article I wrote. They liked it, but next month I’m going to have to bring in some real fiction, I think.

  5. Hell ya, Barry Manilow is awesome. As is the song Mandy, so I commend you.

    I just worked this week. A lot. Like a whole, whole lot. If you google news my name, you’ll see the evidence.

  6. Kate – I can take a dog and the cat to the vet at the same time. The crate helps. But two cats would be really hard.

    Noelle – I’m not getting rid of my theatre t-shirts (don’t have the heart to). I just moved them to a box in the basement. Maybe I’ll make a t-shirt quilt someday.

    MG – You’re not kidding, lady! That’s insane! Go you!

  7. Oh! And Noelle! Congrats on the writing class! I can’t wait to hear more about it!!!!!

  8. Reluctant Blogger says

    Reminds me of the time I took two of my children to have shots at the same time. The nurse gave one of them the shot and he screamed and then the other one tried to bite the nurse rather than have his shot. Never again!

    Wow, ice climbing. I’ve never done that. We’ve just got rid of our snow and the world looks very grey again.

    What have I done? I’ve been keeping my head down and working. I’ve felt glum so I reasoned that at least if I worked, when I come out the other side and feel jolly, at least I won’t have to wreck my happiness with piles of work to do!

    Oh and don’t mention wine – I am exactly halfway through my 31 days of alcohol-free living. Perhaps that is why I am glum???

  9. This week, well, let’s see. Last night, we watched the most recent Harry Potter movie on Netflix while I spun some superwash wool. I’m starting today with a VERY slow morning because I don’t have to be out early. Watching the raindrops drop, I am sipping a second hubby made latte. In a few minutes, I’m off to do several hours of prep work at my boss’s house.

    I have a question for you–since you’re Canadian, right? Did you learn to write using IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) methods?

  10. Lara, we may actually be. You have curly hair too, right? If you figure out the whole grown up/fun thing, can you let me know?

    RB – Our snow melted this week and it’s got me kind of down too. I don’t love the snow necessarily, but if it’s going to be cold anyway, I’d rather the ground be clean and bright instead of muddy. Hope you feel better soon – I like your plan of working so your work is done when you feel better!

    Willow – I LOVE that your husband makes you lattes – that is so sweet. I’m not actually Canadian. We’re in Rochester, NY – only about 2 hours from Toronto, but I actually haven’t heard about IEW methods (although, now I’m interested to find out).

  11. I love, love, love Friday Night Lights. Although I’m a Tim Riggins guy through and through, can just relate to a life of bad decisions!

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