3Ws – Nora Jane Struthers


What do you create?

I create compassion.


Why do you create?

By seeking to understand my most authentic self, by sharing this process and my findings through my songs, and by performing this experience of discovery at every live show, I hope to inspire others to seek an understanding of their own authentic selves, and value others authentic selves, though they may be formed by very different life experiences.


What do you consume?

Grass-fed organic beef and dairy, The Marvel Universe movies and TV shows, books by Amy Tan, Kurt Vonnegut, and Larry McMurtry, books about Chinese Traditional Medicine, coffee with heavy whipping cream, bok choy and kale my future sister-in-law grew in Smithville, TN, The Drive-By Truckers newest album spinning on black vinyl.






  1. Nora Jane does indeed create compassion. These songs are exquisite!

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