I showered!

Okay, here’s my first attempt at video blogging. It’s also only the second time I’ve ever used iMovie, so it’s all a little weird. And, quite frankly, I’m a little weird, but, you know . . . Anyway, I won’t do the whole vlogging thing to you all that often, but if you have questions you’d like me to answer via vlog, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail. (BTW – I think I kind of hate the word vlog. It sounds like something you cough up when you’re sick.)

So, tomorrow (Saturday, July 31st, 2010) I will be at the Syracuse University Bookstore Book Fair from 1-5 PM, along with adoptable German Shepherds from GSRCNY.org and a bunch of fantastic New York State writers. If you’re local, I hope to see you there!


  1. Boston t-shirt FTW!!

  2. I wish we could have spent more time hanging out. Next time! :)

  3. i love it! keep the vlogs coming :)

  4. I LOVED that “Champagne Roon” song by Chris Rock. 1997 in full effect!

  5. Love the vlog! And you’re right vlog is a really weird word!

  6. That was so much fun! It looks – and sounds – like you’ve been having such a blast on your book tour. Fingers crossed it brings you down to PA one day.

    And how adorable are your dogs?!? :-)

  7. you are absolutely adorable. LOVE the part about imagining the picture in the frame, I do that too! Love the video blogging (because i cant say it the other way now that you said something about it).

  8. The ending w/ the dogs is priceless

  9. Wolf and I enjoyed the vlog. Nice to hear your voice and see your face! And the Boston shirt made the whole thing!

    Now, come to BOSTON!

  10. I don’t know why, but that vlog had me laughing. Your personality really comes through! I especially enjoyed the “unflattering photo montage!”

    And that’s “more than a feeling!” (that’s a Boston reference)

  11. You are so stinkin’ cute! “That was really a Chris Rock song, I didn’t just make that up.” HA!

  12. Very fun! Loved Argo in the “cone of shame” at the end. :)

  13. Hey Allie
    Great vlog. Very fun.

  14. how fun!! I loved it! Do more, please :D

  15. Hurrah!! I loved this so much! (And I’m really trying to muster up some bravery to do the same for my own blog. We’ll call it a vidlog.) Thank you for doing this – you’re just too, too cute :)

  16. You’re a natural. I usually can’t even bring myself to speak off-camera in my videos.

    Killer T.

  17. It was so nice to finally meet you.

    Also, vlog more because there is something about listening to you talk … probably because you are so damn adorable.

    Oh AND..You are one of the most down to earth people I have ever had a chance to meet.

  18. I love the panting in the background! And I love Argo’s cone, poor pooch!

    Also, the Boston t-shirt?! Fabulous.

  19. Love the vlogging! Sounds like quite an adventure. Very exciting! Still sad we won’t be seeing you in NYC. All this talk of German Shepherds has my little one (who lobes big dogs) smiling.

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