Enter to win! #DogKarma Sponsor: A Barkers Dozen

This summer I had a blast doing a STAY event at A Barkers Dozen in Webster, NY, and Argo and Stella were thrilled when I came home with hand-made gourmet dog treats for them.

A Barker’s Dozen is such a great addition to the community in the greater Rochester area.  They do fun bring-your-dog events to benefit local dog rescues and charities.  And they have the most adorable dog treats.  If you’re in Rochester, you can bring your dog to the store for a visit, but if you’re not in Rochester, your dog can still enjoy A Barkers Dozen treats from their online store.

And, to support #DogKarma, A Barkers Dozen is donating $40 worth of hand decorated dog treats to the prize pack!

About A Barkers Dozen:

“A Barkers Dozen™ is a one-of-a-kind dog bakery located in Rochester, NY that specializes in hand-made gourmet dog treats customized to your specifications. We offer fully customized treats for those special events to help you stand out including logo treats and custom cookie cutters.

 All of our treats are wheat, corn and soy free and are made using only human-grade ingredients and rolled to a thick 3/8″. Everything is made to order using the freshest ingredients — ensuring they not only look beautiful, but taste great too!”

You can follow A Barkers Dozen on Facebook and Twitter.
This post is a part of the #DogKarma Prize Pack to encourage dog rescue!  But you don’t need to rescue a dog to enter!  If you’re not planning to adopt a rescue dog in the near future, you can still enter.  If you win, the Good Karma necklace is yours to keep, and we hope you’ll donate the dog goods to your local rescue to help them with their amazing efforts to help dogs find forever homes.
To enter:
  • Leave a comment below telling me about your pet’s favorite food.  If you don’t have a pet, tell me about your favorite food.
  • For an extra entry, post or tweet about a rescue dog in your area who needs a home, (use the hashtag #DogKarma) then come back and post a link to the entry.  A sample tweet is here
Photos by LuminariaPhotography.com



  1. I wish I could say I’m a great dog mom and never let my girls have “people” food but…

    My lab mix adores bbq chicken, although her most famous food incident involved her dragging a cookie sheet of pizza off the stove and onto the floor and finishing it off!

    My beagle, who thinks everything is food, will attack a cup of coffee like there’s no tomorrow! Obviously, coffee is NOT good for dogs so I have to be super careful, but she is stealthy!

  2. Special shout-out to find Sponge Bob a home: Don’t you want to give this sweet pea a great home?! http://www.facebook.com/carebullies?sk=app_191978024178524 #fb

  3. My Bronco’s favorite foods are his peanut butter dog cookies and pig ears!

  4. http://twitter.com/#!/lezlarina/status/120173565566914561 Pluto, Terrier Mix,Bay Area. Loves to play!

  5. I often think that Emma is just a small goat masquerading as a chihuahua. She will eat nearly anything that doesn’t eat her first! Sometimes that can be a very bad thing too.

    When still a small puppy, Emma ate the entire backs of 4 hardcover books. Autographed ones, of course. Dust jacket, hard cover, glue…all. Now my bookcases have cardboard cut to fit each of the bottom shelves. No more book-eating here! ;)

    We have to watch her constantly when we walk her, she will eat anything she comes across. She cannot seem to tie being ill afterwards to the junk she eats.

    Of course she’s not a picky eater when it comes to dog food. She also loves her daily crunchy bone treat.

  6. Rufus loves, loves peanut butter. He goes into a trance when handed a frozen peanut butter kong. He also really loves pizza (the only time his begging gets out of control), and apples.

  7. Take a look at GaGa. She’s a min pin mix & available for adoption. Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue is another local organization that just took in multiple dogs from a different puppy mill seizure.


  8. My two rescues will eat just about everything and anything! Kylie’s got a strange addiction to lettus, which she taught to Jimmy too. But if you open a bag of cheese, you better plan on sharing!

  9. I am new to the twitter thing, but I think I tweeted it right! LOL

  10. I am new to the twitter thing, but I think I tweeted it right! LOL

  11. My 4 girls are all rescues, and each of them came to me with different issues. Because good nutrition is a huge concern for me, I follow the advice of my awesome vets, Dr. Mary Nan and Dr. Joy, and feed them Canidae.

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