Rescue Dogs!

New York – Rochester

So, the fantastic news is that Wooftown Rescue has found a home for  Chandler, one of the dogs I sponsored!

Liza (above), my other sponsor dog, is still in need of a foster or forever home.  She needs to go to a family without young kids or other pets, but according to her current foster mom, she’s super sweet and would make a wonderful jogging buddy.  She’s two years old, and only about 40 pounds, so if you’re looking for big dog attitude but don’t have the space for a big dog, she’d be a wonderful fit.  I believe she’s currently in a foster situation with other dogs and would be happier as the only pet.  So if you’d like to have a dog, but aren’t sure you can commit long-term, hosting Liza until she finds a forever home might be a great way to go.  She’s available without an adoption fee.

New York – Buffalo

Meet Flint.  Flint is a 9 month old male, black German Shepherd Mix.  He was abandoned at the shelter so not sure what his past was like.   Flint is a bit timid when meeting new people….He is friendly with dogs, but a little skittish at first.  Currently, Flint is weighing in about 45 lbs.  He is a very handsome boy.  Flint is fostering with a 1 year old, female German Shepherd and just loves playing with her.  Flint has a very sweet soul.  

You can find more information for Flint here (scroll down).

Texas – Houston

From Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue:
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 60 Pounds
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Savannah was very sick when Second Chance rescued her, but she’s on the mend, going through heartworm treatment and up for adoption at the end of November!  Her foster family says she loves belly rubs and is great with kids and dogs.  Look at those ears!

Colorado – Breckinridge

This is Sophie, a 6 year old collie/aussie mix that is very sweet and shy but will warm up well when she gets to know you! Sophie has been very calm while in the shelter. She was tested with a clam and rambunctious dog, she was fine with both even popped into the play bow position with the rambunctious one. She does well with small and large dogs. Her favorite thing to do go for walks but watch out if there is any body of water near as Sophie will want to lay in it or go swimming in it. She loves the water! While she loves to go for hikes, walks, or runs when it’s time to settle down at the end of the day she will curl up by your side with her head in your lap and stay there. Her coat is very fluffy and long and will need consistent grooming but it is as soft as silk! Please open your heart to this sweet and gentle older girl.
Good with dogs and cats. Older children would be ok, but we are not sure how she will do with young kids as she tends to avoid them.
California – Oakland
Charlie, 15 month old owner surrender, superb with obedience, but needs a calm, stable home with (preferably) one other soft dog to play with, a nice fenced yard (he is not a dog park dog), no children. He is WONDERFULLY sweet, and seems to have gotten past his old fear based issues. He greets and welcomes strangers submissively and sweetly, but his new owner should always be mindful to watch his comfort level and not push him. Charlie needs a gentle, loving, kind owner. Please share and crosspost. He needs a home URGENTLY.

Change of plans and lists of things

 – I had to cancel my NYC trip this week, but I’m donating the funds I would have put toward travel to Wooftown Rescueand I am just plain giddy about it! They do such amazing things for dogs in need! I can’t wait tell you more about them and the beautiful dogs they save (like Liza!).

 – This little guy showed up while I was doing some yard work the other day.  I, of course, stopped what I was doing to go take some high def video of him cleaning himself with his “paws” like a cat.  It’s still on my camera (I know you’re totally dying to see it, right?).  

 – It has occurred to me that there’s a reason my yard is a mess.

 – Since Stella & the cat are both afraid of storms, I thought maybe encouraging them to cuddle together would solve the problem.  

 – The cat gave me some serious hard stares.

 – And then she bit me.

 – Most stories about the cat can end with “and then she bit me.”

 – Or “and then she puked.”

 – I have been a writing machine lately.  

 – I just discovered that three seasons of Felicity are on Netflix Watch Instantly.

 – I have been listening to Chris Pureka so much that it feels strange when I’m not listening to Chris Pureka.  

 – Remember how in STAY Van gets all upset because she wanted a red toaster and Janie told her it was tacky so she didn’t buy it?  Our toaster started smoking recently (it had already stopped toasting things one side), so I used it as an excuse to buy a red one.  I like to think Van would be proud.

– If she were real.

– I swear I know Van’s not real.  But the toaster makes me happy.

 – I did an event at Present Tense Books last week and the ladies in the book club felt very motherly toward Van, wishing they could have given her sound advice and helped her stick up for herself.  I wanted to hug all of them.  It was such a fun event and I am so glad I got the chance to visit Present Tense.  It is an awesome bookstore!  They have an unbelievably wide selection of new books and an upstairs room full of used books that they call the Past Tense room.  If you live near Batavia, NY, you have to go.  It’s a cool cool place full of kindred spirits.  

Adoptable Dogs!

Happy National Dog Day! I hear about adoptable dogs all the time.  I think it’s becoming a bit of an occupational hazard.  I wish I could take all of them home with me, but, I’m pretty sure the cat would hire a hit-man if I brought another dog home.  So here are a few adoptable cuties from across the country, in case you or someone you know is looking for a four-legged friend.  

California – Alameda County/Contra Costa County  


Bodie is an adorable 9 week old girl.  She’s a min pin mix, and is described by her caretakers as being “confident, smart, almost potty trained, and great with other dogs.”

Paw Fund is a wonderful organization, whose primary purpose is to help people keep pets healthy and in their homes during financial hardships.  For more information, please check out Bodie’s listing here or contact Paw Fund.  You can follow Paw Fund on Facebook here.

Illinois – Chicago

Meyna is an extremely affectionate Shepherd mix in search of her forever home!  Visitors often notice her gorgeous coat and warm personality.  This gregarious girl loves people, and has been through lots of training with K9 University.  She knows her basic commands, would excel in agility classes, and is working on staying calm when out on walks.  Meyna is looking for an adopter who will continue her training, as this smart cookie really thrives on mental stimulation!  She will flourish in an adults-only home with a family who has some experience with dogs, ideally shepherds.  Meyna loves to run and play outside, but she is very mild-mannered in the home and likes to relax near her favorite people.”

You can check out Meyna’s listing here.

Colorado – Denver

From Front Range German Shepherd Rescue:  

“Dahlia is a smart girl. She loves people!!!! She has been in training and her trainer will continue several lessons with her new family for no cost. Dahlia has been in our care for quite a while and urgently needs a home of her own. Afterall, a boarding kennel is safe and secure, but it doesnt have the warmth and companionship of people to adore her! Dahlia prefers not to share her space with other dogs. Nor does she like to go to dog parks. Dahlia says” I just want someone to love me. I am a very friendly girl who loves to give kisses to people. I am affectionate and playful. They think I’m about 2 yrs old and right now I would prefer a home without other pets so I can have all the attention for myself” Although our dogs are “safe” , we have an urgent need to find homes for dogs that have been in our care for quite a while. Not having a home of their own increases their frustration….”

You can learn more about Dahlia here.

Texas – Austin

“We really can’t put into words how much of a sweetheart Kain is. He loves all people big and small! He will just lay at your feet and enjoy all the petting you can dish out. He’s a snuggler too, if he’s invited to lay where you are. He has a bit of a prey drive, though, so houses with cats would not be a good fit for him.”

You can learn more about Kain here.

New York – Rochester

Wooftown Rescue says:

“SKY is a beautiful 1 1/2 years old Australian Cattledog with one blue eye! She’s shy at first, but once she sees you won’t hurt her she is a sweetie pie. She loves back scratches and playing with other dogs, especially little ones!”

Sky is spayed, house trained, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, but needs a no-cat home.  You can see her full listing here.