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What do you create?

Whether through my new novel (Destiny Lingers), my news stories (with Dr. Drew on HLN), podcasts, paintings, acting (will be on BounceTV’s “In the Cut”), stand-up comedy (will be at The Comedy Store on April 1), voice-over work (as Professor Wiseman on “Curious George,” announcer on “Divorce Court,” and Warrior Priestess Illaoi on League of Legends video game), or speeches, I create good stories that enlighten, inform, entertain, and hopefully move people in a positive way.


Why do you create?

I create because I just can’t stop! I’m like an energizer bunny; always looking for a creative challenge. Hey – they don’t call me Watts for nuthin’! LOL! But, truly, it’s what I’m here to do. I create because it is my joy and honor to serve the process. I believe that God gives us all many gifts; our gift back to God is to use them for good. I believe that all of my arts and crafts are vehicles through which God can further express Him/Herself. Creating is the ultimate in living.


What do you consume?

I consume wisdom, inspiring conversations, and remarkable quotes and memorable stories from my elders and other really smart people. I consume good food (Southern, Italian, Mediterranean), hearty laughter, and lifelong friends. I also consume any chance to lay on a beach and write, particularly in the Caribbean or on Topsail Island, NC, where I wrote Destiny Lingers.




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