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What do you create?

I create Art that Celebrates.  I hope to capture in my work those memories people share when they travel to cities or celebrate special occasions together.  In my latest book, New York in Four Seasons, I tried to capture many of the events that happen in a year while also chronicling the life that occurs and joy that people feel at those gatherings.  My hope is that people will get lost in the details of my art and relive their own memories.

Some of the various images and people depicted in this book are personal to me—family, friends, places, and most of all, pugs. It’s a Where’s Waldo of pugs, and as you go through the book you will see tucked away in every corner a tan little curly tailed object with a blob of black on its face and ears.

My art career took a turn in 2005 when I started designing Christmas ornaments. Christmas became the vehicle to my voice and allowed me to memorialize places and events. These ornaments are now sold in major retailers across the country. My first book, A Very New York Christmas, depicted these ornaments and is an homage and “thank you” to the city that inspired my line, and my life. It will be rereleased in Fall 2015 with a special insert of punch-out ornaments.

I have recently started to take my work to other product venues, including snow globes, tableware, stationary, and puzzles. I even make prints of my art and hand glitter and sequin each one.  I can actually say I have a glitter studio!

In addition, I also design book jackets. I am the Creative Director at St. Martin’s Press and oversee and design covers.

Why do you create?

I have a codependent relationship with creating things. If I don’t create, I am not myself.

I am lucky to be in a profession and with people that support my addiction. I work full-time as the Creative Director at St. Martin’s Press and design book jackets and oversee the line of 700 plus books per year. When I come home, I work on my art. My careers feed my hunger to create.

It’s a vicious cycle and I love it! Believe it or not it energizes me to be like this.


What do you consume?

It sounds gluttonous, but I try to devour and take in everything around me—people, fashion, books, art, typography, emotions, colors, sights, songs, smells, Christmas, pugs, everything and anything in New York.  I’m a spectator; every day is a new event that I am lucky to be privy to.  How good is this?!


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New York in Four Seasons: http://www.storrings.com/book.html


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