3Ws – Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline--Credit April Narby

What do you create?

I think I create stories that inspire, intrigue, terrify, rivet, and ultimately uplift people. I write fiction and nonfiction, and to me, my goal is the same in both, which is all of the above.


Why do you create?

I create because of the reason I said above, I create to inspire people and help them believe that they can overcome the obstacles in their life. I say this because I’ve written about thirty novels and in everyone an ordinary man or woman is faced with an unusual situation, but one that could occur, and they have to overcome it, simply by dint of will, intelligence, resilience, or bravery. I think ordinary people have a great deal of bravery that they don’t acknowledge, particularly women. And I hope that if I keep telling stories like this and people keep reading them, they will understand that they’re just like the main characters and that they can do anything!


What do you consume?

I love living in the time we do because I feel as if I consume everything. I read very widely and all across genres, both fiction and nonfiction. I love all kinds of movies, and see at least one a week, and I watch all kinds of television shows. I’m truly a junkie of pop culture in that way, and I love opera so I get to live opera as often as I can, if not go see the opera movies that the Metropolitan Opera is broadcasting. I feel as if I’m consuming story all the time and I truly believe that it helps me write my novels and nonfiction memoirs, which I write with my daughter, Francesca Serritella.



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