3Ws- Glen Phillips


What do you create?

I make songs, mostly. When I was a kid I was in love with the theater, but by a series of fateful twists music became my job. I love writing and performing just about equally, and I love collaboration. Being a singer songwriter is a peculiar relationship with creativity because you keep returning to your work and reinterpreting it. It’s not just one and done – you carry your past with you and get to keep re-examining it from your current perspective.



Why do you create?

I have a noisy head. There have always been a lot of things bouncing around in it, and sometimes that noise is pretty overwhelming. The two best ways to bring the noise down are to get really still and quiet by being in nature or meditating or to shoot the rapids and get lost in making something. If I’m performing or writing or recording I’m usually in the present tense, and that is the most fulfilling way for me to be. Sometimes I’ll start in the quiet mode and things will emerge from the silence. I like that too.


What do you consume?

I consume too much, generally. I have too many things. I drive a lot, and consume more gas than I am comfortable with. But on the positive side there are songs, stories, music, podcasts (touring musicians live on podcasts), good food, company, conversation. Experience. I love learning about how people think and act. I love learning about the natural world. My father gave me the gift of fascination, so I get interested in many things. I can’t bring myself to care what team won a particular game but give me an article on the physiology of a fastball pitch and I’ll be very happy. I love talking to people who are passionate and hearing their stories and insights.







  1. Excellent insights. I am inspired, as usual. Thank you, Al.

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