3Ws – Gina Mulligan


What do you create?

I write fiction about strong women for strong women. This comes through my historical novels, magazine articles, and my charity. Using my writing, my voice, has given me a way to create a movement called Girls Love Mail. We collect letters for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Letter writing is such a lost art. Creating these special gifts is a way for women to help empower each other


Why do you create?

I want to give people hope and support. With my charity, I think we’re fulfilling a need, and having such a strong purpose for my work inspires me. I also create to give a well-deserved nod to the amazing, pioneering women in our history that time has forgotten. We should remember foremothers and become the next generation of women to remember.


What do you consume?

Puppy videos. Watch a cute one. Feel free to share them with me on Facebook ─ I can’t watch enough!



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