3Ws – Charlie Donlea

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What do you create?

Novels with strong female protagonists.


Why do you create?

The most magical part of reading is finding that rare book you don’t want to put down. That special story you can’t wait to get back to, the one you think about all day long. The book you’re disappointed to finish because it might be a while before you find another one that’s as good.

I love finding those types of books. And that’s why I write. I want to create that magical book. The one that calls the reader back to it after they’ve put it down, and that preoccupies their mind until they’ve finished reading it—and maybe for a little while longer, too.


What do you consume?

Beach vacations. Anytime I’m able to get away is great, but I have a special spot in my heart for lying on the beach and reading a book. I love to look around and see what other people are reading, which authors made it to the Caribbean. I will consider my life complete when I find someone relaxing on the beach with one of my books.

Pat Conroy novels. Reading authors who have mastered the craft is the best way to become a better writer. I could read The Lords of Discipline every year and learn something new each time.




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