3Ws – Amy Sue Nathan

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What do you create?

I create novels about women who don’t wait (or want) to be rescued. After realizing they’re in or have created a big mess, they help, redeem, save, and transform themselves.


Why do you create?

I have ideas, characters, and dialogue rattling around in my head all the time and I have to write it all down and get it all out to make room for more, and to make sure I don’t forget! I eavesdrop, remember, and internalize everyone and that needs somewhere to go!


What do you consume?

Too much television of all kinds. Good books of all kinds. Chocolate of all kinds. I’m also always consuming the sights and sounds of the people around me (see above). All of those things fill me up in different ways.



 the good neighbor final cover



  1. Angela Terry says

    Loved THE GLASS WIVES and looking forward to reading her new one!

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