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Writing Binge

At certain points in my writing process, the best way to work is to completely dive in.  So when J left this weekend to go camping with the Larkin men, I used the opportunity to throw myself a one-woman writing retreat.

I loaded up on supplies: Easy meals so I wouldn’t have to spend time cooking, and super yummy snacks to bribe myself with if my attention started to wane.

Then I took the plunge.  Aside from coming up for air to play with the dogs several times a day, I lived in my manuscript all weekend long.  And it was blissful.

What were you up to this past weekend?

My dog pack

Argo & Stella

So, yesterday, I let the dogs out while I was exercising.  I finished up and was about to go take a shower.  I closed the door to the yard, and made sure I closed the bedroom door, because Argo, when left to his own devices in the bedroom will strip the blankets off the bed (I don’t know why).  I double checked to make sure Stella wasn’t in the bedroom, because I’ve accidentally closed her in there before, and she gets upset about it.

I was just about to turn the water on in the shower when I heard the hollow heaving sound of Argo starting to puke.  I raced to the door and opened it, only to find that Stella had accidentally been locked outside.  Argo didn’t really have to puke.  He was perfectly fine the second I opened the door.  He was just trying to get my attention so I’d let Stella back in.  A 105lb dog starting to heave will always, always get my attention, and Argo uses this to his advantage.

They couldn’t have been apart for more than five minutes, but oh, the celebration they had when they were reunited – prancing around, nibbling and sniffing each other like Stella had just come back from a long, long journey.

I absolutely, completely and totally love the way my dogs love each other.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch their friendship.

Wordless Wednesday – If a lavender plant has white flowers, is it still lavender?