Writing Binge

At certain points in my writing process, the best way to work is to completely dive in.  So when J left this weekend to go camping with the Larkin men, I used the opportunity to throw myself a one-woman writing retreat.

I loaded up on supplies: Easy meals so I wouldn’t have to spend time cooking, and super yummy snacks to bribe myself with if my attention started to wane.

Then I took the plunge.  Aside from coming up for air to play with the dogs several times a day, I lived in my manuscript all weekend long.  And it was blissful.

What were you up to this past weekend?


  1. I salute you for your discipline and tenacity. I didn’t do anything as noble this weekend. I ran some errands and then planted my butt on my couch all day yesterday. I do have some lingering guilt but since I no longer consider myself Catholic, I have to find my guilt somewhere. ;)

  2. Oh! There should be no guilt for spending a weekend that way! Last weekend I read two books and barely moved. :)

  3. That sounds awesome! I hope you got a lot of good work done!

  4. I like your diving-in approach. I went through one of those about a month ago, but then my vacation to FL popped up so I slacked off ever since ;) I’m anxiously awaiting your next book!

  5. Oh that sounds like my dream weekend but a bit tricky to achieve at home with three kids and a hubby to keep occupied! But I am lucky enough to be able to go away on weekend retreats with some writing chums which are FAB. We eat snacks all weekend,forget to sleep, don’t wash and wear sweats. We look awful but it’s BLISS! :-)

  6. Argo and stella want some ice cream. I can tell. they have that GImme Some look.

  7. I spent my weekend doing what might be construed as chores, but they were all things I’d dearly missed, and it helped me feel a little bit centered.

    I did, however, forget to pick up my own Luna & Larry’s (Brian finished off my last carton!).

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