Wordless Wednesday – The Cat

Stupid Cold

I don’t get sick gracefully.  I have little patience for myself when I’m not at 100% and I’m not good at relaxing.  The dreaded lurgy hit our house this week, slowed everything down, and forced us to cancel our super fun weekend plans with our favorite people.

Instead of showing you all what a champion whiner I can be, here are a few things that are cheering me up.

Teeny tiny gluten-free bunny cookies.
I don’t know if it’s helping or not, but it tastes good.
I feel like Siri really gets me.
The flash on my new phone turns Argo into Alien Dog.
And, it’s a terrible picture, but this:

The cat suddenly decided she likes hanging out with the dogs, and I have proof.

I Suck At Sleeping

I’ve never been a good sleeper. It is not one of my special talents. Dog snoring and husband sleep talking (and once sleep truck driving) doesn’t help that much either.

A few months ago, in the middle of the night, J nudged me awake, laughed and said, “That’s so typical of night,” in his sleep talking voice.

“You’re sleeping!” I said, hoping to fall asleep again before I shifted into wide awake.

“But it’s so typical of night,” he said.

“No, it’s not!” I said. “Go back to sleep!”

“It’s not? It’s not typical of night?” He was annoyed. “It’s NOT typical of night?”

“Fine,” I said. “It’s so typical of night!”

And with that, J was instantly asleep again, and I was past the point of no return on being awake. The next morning when I asked, he had no idea what he could have been talking about.

Sunday night, J woke up at 1:45 with a foot cramp. Or at least he was dreaming he had a foot cramp, I’m not sure if it was real. For some reason, in my just awake haze, I thought he was pulling his toenail off and started freaking out that he was hurting himself. He was merely rubbing his foot, and was back to sleep in seconds.

At 1:50, I remembered that I left a switch on in the basement, and got up to turn it off. An old wall fan that I’ve never turned on in the entire time we’ve lived in this house was on, which was kind of creepy. I turned it off.

1:55 – lay in bed wondering if that fan had some kind of connection to the nearby furnace.

2:00 – still wondering. Start to worry the house might explode (I’m completely irrational when I wake up in the middle of the night, which adds to the fun) because the fan could be a critical part of the heating system, and maybe it should have stayed on.

2:10 – start to fall asleep. Argo making smacking noises with his mouth in his sleep. Decide he’s thirsty and wake him up to give him some water. He wags his tail while he’s drinking, but is still so sleepy that I have to direct him back to his dog bed. It’s really cute.

2:30 – almost asleep, but awake enough to hear the cat puke (she’s fine, she just pukes a lot). Decide to clean it up in the AM.

2:31 – realize Argo was also awake enough to hear the cat puke and will clean it up himself if I don’t get to it first. Get up and clean it.

2:35 – back in bed. Cat pukes again, this time while running into the living room to puke on the rug. Get up and chase puking cat around the living room.

2:40 – back in bed. Decide the fan could have been connected to the switch. Get up to check my theory. It’s not connected. Freaked out all over again that the fan was on.

3:00 – back in bed, almost asleep. Stella starts sleep barking. A lot. Waking her up is usually a bad idea, so I wait it out, and finally fall asleep again at some point after that.

And, of course, J slept through all of this. When I told him about it the next morning, he barely even remembered the foot cramp. “Of course,” I said. “That’s so typical of night.”