You can’t take me anywhere!

I made an appearance on 13 WHAM News this Morning on Rochester’s CW, and had so much fun doing it. Evan Dawson is wonderful and everyone at 13 WHAM is so nice!

Before the interview, I had a little anxiety. What if I get the hiccups? What if I fall off the interview chair in the middle of the interview? What if I trip on the way to the interview chair and break my nose just in time for the cameras to start rolling? What if I take a few cameras out on the way down? You know, the usual things normal people worry about. Right?

But Evan is so gracious and everyone was very friendly and I really did feel comfortable. I checked myself in the full length mirror just outside the studio door to make sure I didn’t have any dog slobber on my sleeve or lipstick on my teeth. I was good to go and I didn’t even feel nervous. It was a blast to see Argo’s photos on the big screen behind me. And it was surprisingly easy to focus on just having a chat with Evan about the book, instead of thinking “Oh my goodness! Live TV!”

No broken noses. No broken cameras. No hiccups. I didn’t even fall off the chair.

We finished the segment. I shook hands with Evan and his co-host after the show went to commercial. A man wearing an earpiece came up and put his hand out. I shook it. Turns out, he was actually asking for the wireless mic back. So, I felt a little silly, but we laughed about it.

When I went to unhook said mic from my pants, I noticed that my fly was open, and realized that it had been for the entire interview. And then I felt really silly. So, of course, I said to the nice man with the earpiece “Oh my gosh, my fly is open. That’s really horrible.” The words just fell right out of my mouth. Because, you know, it’s important to call attention to things like that when they happen. No one notices if you don’t.

The man with the earpiece kindly assured me that no one could tell. From now on, I’m adding fly to my pre-appearance check list. No dog slobber – check. Lipstick-free teeth – check. Fly . . .

But hey, an open fly no one can see anyway is way better than a broken nose, and I can’t help but feel like Van would be proud. Or at least very very sympathetic.


  1. You did great! That guy is actually a pretty good interviewer. You seem so relaxed — just like a pro!

  2. Oh my goodness. Before I read the blog post I was watching the interview, and I said….is her fly down???

    Just kidding! You did amazing! So proud! You are awesome!

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  5. You were awesome! Since we haven’t met in person, it is always so fun for me to see you. The handshake instead of the mic, would totally be something I would do – if I ever spoke in public. I’m dreadfully shy. I also would’ve had my fly down.

    The whole time we watched this, Tate was sitting here saying “Hey, look! I see Allie’s picture, behind that girl. Look! There’s Argo! Do you see him, behind that girl?!” I pointed to you and said “Hey Tate, that girl IS Allie.” I’m sure he’ll catch on one of these days.

    Well done superstar!

  6. Ha ha, oh boy. I would probably have a booger hanging out of my nose.

    You looked great and sounded like a natural!

  7. You did a great job! I hope Mrs. X was watching that. ;)

  8. Great interview, Allie! Can’t wait to start reading Stay :)

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