Why Can’t You Pee Like A Normal Dog?

The Stella Urinary Saga continues. She’s gotten a little better, but still, it’s a struggle to get her to pee. It’s like she needs the right combination of mood lighting and shrubs, and the earth has to be rotating exactly right before she can squat.

But I learned last night that all of this can be ignored if Stella has a pee buddy. After dinner, I took her out. She immediately ran over to a stick, started chewing on it and plopped down in the grass. I crouched down to call her over to me to distract her from the stick and hopefully get her back to business. She came over, squatted right next to me, and started peeing. It was very strange, squatting there with my peeing dog. I stifled a giggle and tried my hardest not to move, so I wouldn’t disturb her ever so sacred pee time. When she was done, I piled on the praise and started to run inside with her. She ran back to sniff at the spot where I had crouched down. Apparently, she thought I’d been peeing in the yard. I hope the neighbors didn’t think so too.


  1. Oh, Allie. You just had to one-up the blog share post on my blog by having your own post about dog elimination, didn’t you? Ha!

  2. Ha! You know it. I couldn’t let you have the only dog elimination post in blogtown today.

  3. That’s priceless!

    Goofy dog.

    My dog – Nalla – has to circle each individual blade of grass about 3x before she finds the perfect one to pee on.

    And, if it’s raining or otherwise inclement outside – forget it! She just stands on the porch looking at me like, “Lady? You want me to go do what in this weather? You’re insane!”

    Hugs ♥

    Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

  4. Hee! Hey, maybe this will work to your advantage. Maybe you can train Stella to use the toilet.

  5. That’s brilliant! And it sort of makes sense. I mean, just because I don’t particularly like company while peeing doesn’t mean some other animals might prefer it.

  6. Mood lighting. Ha ha!

    Can Argo serve this role for her, perchance? Or does it have to be the Alpha dog :)

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