Virtual Book Tour, Contests, and all sorts of random links

  • Well, I’m touring again! Only, this time, I’m touring from the comfort of my office, while typing away at my next project and chilling out with my dogs. Check out my virtual tour schedule at the end of this post, and take a look at all the other authors on virtual tour this month. The tour is a mix of interviews, guest blogs, reviews and writing advice with a few giveaways sprinkled in for good measure.
  • I’m also hosting a contest at I’m Not Obsessed today and tomorrow. You can enter to win a signed copy of STAY, a copy of the audio book, and some amazing eco-friendly dog products from (if you don’t have a dog, they’d make a great gift for a friend or local dog shelter).
  • I watched every single episode of Veronica Mars on Netflix and am now going through withdrawal. It was so damn good! How was I not watching it while it was on? Also, is it weird that I want Keith Mars to adopt me? Tweet @wbpictures about a #veronicamarsmovie if you share my addiction and maybe we can convince them to pull a Firefly.
  • I had coffee with fellow Rochester writer Peter Lovenheim last week, which I think completely flies in the face of this Hollywood Elsewhere post about Rochester. And I can’t help but feel sorry for Jeffery Wells, because I have the sneaking suspicion that no one took him to Wegmans on his visit to Rochester.
  • I am writing for Tiny Tangents, a blog about writing and things that distract us from writing, with Corinne Bowen, Ben Boudreau, NPW and Sarah Jio. Check it out.
  • I would love advice on energy boosting activities & foods. I swear, by 4PM I’m ready for bed these days. Hibernation starting early?
Here’s my tour schedule!

Tuesday, September 7 Guest blogging and book giveaway at Night Owl Reviews

Wednesday, September 8 Interviewed at Literarily Speaking

Thursday, September 9 Interviewed at Blogcritics

Friday, September 10 Interviewed at Beyond the Books

Monday, September 13 Book reviewed at Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews

Tuesday, September 14 Book reviewed at Always With a Book

Wednesday, September 15 Book reviewed at The Journey Back Interviewed at As the Pages Turn

Thursday, September 16 Book reviewed at Teresa’s Reading Corner

Friday, September 17 Interviewed at Pump Up Your Book Interviewed at Examiner

Monday, September 20 Book reviewed by Book Reviews by Buuklvr81

Tuesday, September 21 Book reviewed at Life in Review

Wednesday, September 22 Guest blogging at Thoughts in Progress

Thursday, September 23 Book reviewed at Reading at the Beach

Friday, September 24 Interviewed at The Writer’s Life Book Reviewed at A Book Lover

Monday, September 27 Book reviewed at Colloquium

Tuesday, September 28 Book reviewed at Lit and Life

Wednesday, September 29 Book reviewed at A Cozy Reader’s Corner Reviews Book reviewed at 4 the Love of Books

Thursday, September 30 Book Reviewed at The Cajun Book Lady Book reviewed at Ohio Girl Talks Book reviewed at Pump Up Your Book


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