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So, you know how yesterday I said that CALIFORNICATION was excellent? Well, the first six episodes were. There were subtle complextities in the characters and their relationships. The story lines were interesting, moving, and funny. The second six? Total nosedive. It all just became gratuitous. And I’m not even talking about the nudity or the obscenities. I’m talking about the stiff scenes, overly “clever” and smarmy lines, and the forced storyline. When we got to the end, we thought maybe the show had gotten canceled and they were trying way too hard to tie up all the story lines. But there are two more seasons to be saved on Netflix, so there’s no excuse for that horribly cheesy ending, punctuated with a freeze-frame shot like it was an 80’s Brat Pack movie.

Also, I can’t take Bill seriously. He’s Bus Driver Stu Benedict, from the greatest kids TV show ever made, and he always will be.

I am disappointed.

ANYBODY OUT THERE, however, just keeps getting more awesome, and threatens to infringe on my ability to be productive. You win some, you lose some, I guess.


  1. I’ve not seen Californication, but I love David Duchovny so I’m sorry to hear it’s not so good. I guess I’ll stick with the alien-hunting Duchovny.

  2. Tonight on Fox, When good shows go bad!.

    I hate when a show that starts out great jumps the shark, I stop watching it, and then two seasons later gets back on track and everyone’s raving about it. Then I have to catch up! Lost, I’m looking at you!

  3. Dingo – I had the SAME thing with Lost. I’m totally behind now.

    Courtney – DD is absurdly charming – may be worth watching just for that.

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