The countdown begins . . .

Today is exactly one month until STAY hits the shelves! If you haven’t checked out the book website, you should! And please keep checking, because there will be more to see over the next month.

I have to admit that there’s still a teeny tiny little part of me that’s waiting for someone to jump out from behind a tree and yell “Psych!” But the sensible part of me knows no one actually has enough time on their hands to pull off a prank of that magnitude. (Right?) And people don’t really say “Psych” anymore anyway. (Right?)

And then there’s the whole HOLDING THE ACTUAL BOOK IN MY HANDS thing.

So, at this point, I think it’s reasonable for me to believe that I really do have a book coming out a month from today. And, I have to tell you, I don’t think anything in the world smells quite so amazing as my very own book, fresh from the printer. Taking that book out of its envelope was such a strange, wonderful, overwhelming, incredible feeling.

My name is on the cover. My dog is on the cover. And the pages inside represent so much time at my desk with my dogs snoring at my feet, so many dreams, and so much love and support from so many people.

A month from now, if you’re so inclined, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of STAY and read about Van, Peter, Janie, Louis, Agnes, Diane, and a big, sweet, sloppy German Shepherd named Joe. I am so excited for you to meet them. Spending the past few years writing these characters has been a joy. I love them dearly, and if you spend a rainy afternoon, or a series of evenings, or some commute time on the train with them, I hope you’ll love them too.


  1. Alicia Bessette says

    Yay! I love the dog tag on the spine!

  2. SQUEE!!! I can’t wait to read it!!! Very excited for you!

  3. I already met them ad they are a delightful bunch! (It helps getting preview copies!)

  4. Yay, I can’t wait!

    But I want a signed copy. How am I going to manage that? Will I have to order one and then send it back to you for signing or is there an easier and more straightforward way. And by signed I mean both of you – signature and paw print.

    Am I asking too much????? I tend to!

  5. Jessica C. says

    I already have mine pre-ordered! So excited! I will read it on the plane ride to Prague in July!

  6. Every time I read about STAY!, I get this little shiver of excitement for you! And I brag about my “blogging buddy” and how she “made it” quite often. I’ll be thinking of you as I dip my toes into the novel writing waters this summer.
    Cannot. Wait. To. Read. It!

  7. Every bit of that post is exciting! I’ll be sure to ask my library to order a copy.

  8. I will be pacing myself and making sure that my reading schedule is open exactly one month from now.

  9. Yay! I think I speak for everyone when I say we are all SO PROUD of you!

  10. Can’t wait!!

  11. Like Mickey, I’m already trying to make sure my reading schedule is free. I just finished a book last night and was like, ‘Let’s see, Stay comes out soon so I better not start anything intense before then.’

    Can’t wait!!

  12. Just.

  13. VERY exciting to see a Rochester writer get published! Congrats!

  14. Hi Allie
    I have a novel coming out with Dutton next year. Found your blog through through their facebook page and have enjoyed following your journey. Best wishes on the launch and I look forward to reading STAY.
    Lori Roy

  15. Hi Allie,
    I have a novel coming out with Dutton next year and have enjoyed following your journey through your blog. Best wishes on your launch and I look forward to reading STAY.
    Lori Roy

  16. woohoo! I’m sooo excited for you! What a great feeling to have it in your hands! CONGRATS!

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