The contents of my purse

Vera over at Lady and the Blog showed everyone the contents of her purse. I thought I’d join in the fun, even though my purse fillings are far less elegant. Please excuse the flash flare, it was REALLY cloudy here today.

I read a book about organization for people with ADD a few months ago. The book suggested keeping purse items grouped in brightly colored pouches, so they’re easy to find. Nothing in my purse is coordinated, but that’s on purpose.

This system has worked like a charm for me. Prior to that, my purse contents would have been a big mountain of old receipts, crumpled bills, loose change, lip gloss that had lost its cap, and probably a few linty cough drops. But this way, if something is not in its place, it’s obvious, and it’s really easy to clean out what doesn’t belong.

So here’s the list of what I carry around with me.

  • Dog Treats
  • Phone
  • Pill Box (Excedrin Migraine)
  • Moleskine book for story ideas
  • Strawberry Shortcake Pencil case that I’ve had since second grade and still use for pens and pencils
  • My tricked out Japanese Pilot pen with multi-colored Sliccies Gel inserts. I use a fountain pen at home, but this is my purse pen, since I’m fairly sure it won’t leak. (J and I are total pen nerds)
  • Pouch for bandaids and hand sanitizer
  • Latest book club book (The Believers by Zoe Heller)
  • Dog poop bags
  • Teeny tiny umbrella
  • Think Thin bar (because I am a very crabby person when I’m hungry, and since I can’t eat wheat, it’s best to travel prepared)
  • Extra pouch incase I need a pouch for something (yeah, I know)
  • Pad of paper that I can tear sheets out of (because I will not tear pages out of my notebook)
  • Stay postcards with information about my first book signing
  • Pouch for hair clips, lip balm & nail file
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses (I wear sunglasses even on cloudy days. I’m not trying to look cool, my eyes are super sensitive to light)
  • Receipt from the UPS Store (I spend an inordinate amount of time there)
  • Handkerchief (I’ve had this one since our chamber choir trip to England my freshman year of high school).
  • Felt heart with a section stitched by each of my ladies. I’ve carried it around since The Other 1/4 had us make them in 1997.
What’s in your purse? If you post your list, make sure you add your link to Vera’s post!


  1. That Strawberry Shortcake pencil case is so cute!

  2. Why do we find things like this so interesting, because I love this. I will definitely do this too, I’ll make mine a double look though since my work “bag” is where all the interesting stuff is. Hehe. There was this one time when I had frozen mice in my work bag….

  3. Like this post, and ALSO, like the post from Allison’s blog–your book looks like a really good debut and I wish you much success! Gonna check out the trailer now!

  4. Oh gosh, a truly vintage Strawberry Shortcake!! Oh, and when I was gluten-free, I never left home without a Lara bar in my purse – being hungry and wheat-free is the worst!

    This meme is super fun, I need to join in on this one soon!

  5. My purse is ALSO full of pouches. And a pill box with Excedrin Migraine!
    Once I re-assemble my purse to the way it usually is (it’s been deconstructed since I’ve been traveling), I’ll do this contents thing.

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