Random thoughts about music

1. How did the Bee Gees decide to sing in falsetto? What would possess them to take it to that register? And who told them it was good? I heard You Should Be Dancing (Yeah!) in Staples the other day, and suddenly thought of the Bee Gees as three young guys in a basement somewhere working on their first song. It just wasn’t working, until one of them starting singing in a whiny falsetto as a joke, and the other guys were like, “Yeah, dude, do that!” I hope that’s how it happened. Or maybe there was helium involved.

2. Have you ever noticed how many lyrics to songs aren’t romantic when you take them literally? For example:

* Peter Gabriel has some seriously sweet moves going on in that performance.


  1. I can think of no logical reason why the Bee Gees ever existed.

    The song that icks me out the most is that old Backstreet Boys song that goes “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or what you did, as long as you love me.” It’s like the theme song for women who fall in love with guys in prison.

  2. I’m on fire! I’m on fire! That’s what that last song is really saying. So, stop, drop, and roll sounds like a much better option.

  3. I’ll never understand the Bee Gees falsetto transformation. They started out as a very successful, “normal” pop band — then wham. Eh, stranger things have happened during the age of Disco. Like, me. :)

    Big Peter Gabriel fan here… now the image of getting poked in the eye is forever burned (in my eyes). thanks!

  4. And can someone please explain The Beach Boys?

  5. Courtney – That is a good point – total prison-love song. I can’t say I ever liked the Bee Gees, but I did allow them some street cred for the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. But after taking a step back, I now realize that they are completely absurd!

    Kate – When I used to tend bar, my boss always called that song the “STD song.”

    Kirsten – I’m sorry! I actually love that song. And Peter Gabriel. But the other day, it hit me that those lyrics are kind of strange.

    Dingo – I certainly can’t!

  6. wow. I’m glad Spring’s on its way. I’m worried about you.


  7. I love that Peter Gabriel song in a very serious way. It’s just amazing. And we’ve been playing it at Starbucks lately, and I find myself singing along no matter what I’m doing at the time.

    And no, I cannot think of any good reason why the BeeGees ever existed.

  8. Too funny! And so true! The song that came to mind was Kings of Leon’s “Your Sex is on Fire”. Um, sounds like a personal problem…I hear they make a cream for that…

  9. Too funny! And yet, so true! The song that came to my mind was “Your Sex is on Fire” by Kings of Leon. Um, sounds like a personal problem…I hear there’s medication for that…

    So true about the Backstreet Boys too. I always pictures some really trashy, used up, heroin addict that they were singing to. LOL.

  10. Peter Gabriel is so cool, he can even make the white man dance look cool.

  11. Oh, I forgot to chime in on Peter Gabriel – I like him too. Very talented artist!

  12. Allie, thanks for your visit to my blog ;).

    I’m a huge music fan, so I loved reading this post! The first song I thought of was “Every Breath You Take”… I like the music but the lyrics are WAY creepy and stalkerish. I heard an interview with Sting once where he said he was always stunned when newlyweds would come up to him and tell him they were using it for their first dance or something. He wasn’t quite sure they understood the song–LOL.

    p.s. Is “Incidents and Accidents” a Paul Simon reference?? :-)

  13. Oh, I hope you’re right about that first scenario in #1 instead of the helium. Especially b/c I can picture them laughing all the way to the bank….I mean, I went to high school w/guys who’d do just that sort of thing.

  14. I heard an acoustic remake of ‘In Your Eyes” recently which made me listen to the words for the first time, and yeah, I agree. (And that song is way prettier as an acoustic song, despite the weird lyrics)

  15. I’d guess helium.

  16. I once talked to a musician about the falsetto thing and he told me that there was a belief in the musical community that ‘the ladies’ liked a man who could hit the high notes. It doesn’t really make sense to me, maybe one of those self-propagating myths.

  17. A Free Man – think I worry about the women who are attracted to falsetto singing . . .

    Willow – Good guess!

    The MG – It is a really beautiful song. It does work perfectly as an acoustic song.

    Amy – It would be a very well-orchestrated prank (pardon the pun).

    Marilyn – Yeah, Incidents and Accidents is in reference to the fact that some of my friends call me Al. :) Every Breath You Take as a wedding song? That’s just weird!

    Wendy – I have a bunch of music I like just for the melodies too. And thank you! no plans for a humor book, but STAY does have it’s funny moments. :)

    Jess – You are so right! That song really does sound like something that should be taken to a doctor.

    Michelle – it really is a great song.

    TMC – thank you for your concern. :)

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