Let’s pretend it’s last Friday, okay?

Alright, so remember when I said I was going to be posting new additions to the STAY prize pack every Friday until the end of October when I’d announce the winner? What I should have said was that I had good intentions of posting every Friday, but if something got in the way, I’d post later. Because I totally didn’t get around to posting last Friday, and then I’ve had one of those weeks where the alarm clock feels a lot like a starting pistol.

So, you’re going to get a prize pack addition today, and another one tomorrow, and I can promise that, because I’m setting up both posts right now to lessen the risk that I’ll be distracted by shiny objects and new story ideas and forget to post tomorrow.
This little care package is a collection of some of Van’s favorite things.
  • Pop Rocks!
  • Grape Kool-Aid! (just add your own vodka . . . or don’t, maybe, which is probably the better idea)
  • Wegman’s Pumpkin Pie Coffee
  • Rocky Road Cookies (since ice cream would be hard to mail)
  • Gum drops (But please don’t throw them out the window while driving. Give a hoot, people!)
  • A big bad grape-themed reusable shopping bag
To enter, post your STAY photos here! And remember that the photos have to include a copy of STAY. I’ve gotten some absolutely adorable pet photos, but those don’t qualify for this giveaway.

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