It’s kind of mind-blowing all over again. . .

On June 10th, STAY turned one year old, and the paperback will be out on July 26th.  I thought that I’d (finally) pretty much gotten used to the whole I wrote a book and it’s on bookshelves and people other than my writing group have read it thing.

And then I was on my way out the door yesterday when this showed up:

Even though I’d already seen the front cover art, I hadn’t seen the whole beautifully designed package, (with the cutest little puppy backside ever on the book’s backside).

And then there are review quotes, and a brand new blurb from one of my favorite writers smack dab on the front cover.  I can’t play it cool about this.  It just felt so surreal, and I needed someone to pinch me all over again.  I sat in my car, but didn’t start it, and flipped through the paperback and read all the quotes on the inside page and turned into a big weepy mess all over again.  If I’d known the book were coming, I would have totally worn waterproof mascara.

So, Happy (slightly be-lated) Birthday to Van & Joe, and a huge huge HUGE thank you to everyone who has read STAY, and come to events, and blogged and tweeted about STAY, and recommended it to friends and family, and e-mailed me to share their broken heart stories and friend stories and dog stories.  This year has been the most incredible adventure.  It’s not something I think I’ll ever quite get used it, in a good way.  And it’s not something I ever take for granted. I am so honored to get to share stories with all of you.


  1. Awww, I love the paperback cover! So cute!

  2. You deserve it Allie! Congratulations!

  3. All your senses must certainly come into play (well, maybe not taste, unless your lick the pages). It pleases the eye of course, but it’s got to feel great to touch and caress it, and hear the pages being flipped by the thumb, and smell the printed pages.

  4. Awesome Allie! Can’t wait until book number 2!!

  5. Squee! Such cute cover art! Congrats on the paperback. I’mma tweet that out loud! :)

  6. Love the cover!! Congrats!

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