I swear this isn’t a dog blog

But, I am writing about dogs a whole lot, huh?

Argo had surgery again yesterday to remove a lump that may or may not be a tumor. It takes 14 days for the biopsy results. I swear, if someone invented a process for getting instant biopsy results, I would pay three times the amount just to avoid the wait, and I’m a pretty frugal person. The other lumps he’s had have just been tested with a needle biopsy, but this one just looked wrong and the vet said it would be best to remove it. Basically, if it is something, even if they don’t get all of it, getting the big part out could limit the spread of cancer while we wait for the results.

Part of me thought that having another dog might dilute my feelings for Argo in some way. I thought going through stuff like this might be easier. But really, I just found more room for Stella in my tiny little Grinch heart and I still adore Argo with all the intensity I had for him before. I think seeing them together makes it even worse. Stella worships Argo, and sometimes, I can’t help but think, this little pup will be so sad if anything happens to her dog.

I don’t think I can get into it too much right now without turning into a wreck, but Argo is more than just a dog. I was at a point in my life when I needed him so much. He’s taught me amazing things about the unconditional love, connection, dedication, and living in the moment — all lessons I badly needed. And, he’s a damn great dog.

He’s kind of a celebrity at the vet’s office. Vet techs come to say hi to him when we’re waiting. The woman who handed him back to me when I picked him up after surgery said, “He’s absolutely precious,” which I’m assuming is code for “he licked the face of everyone who got close enough to him.” When we were there for our second tongue appointment, two people in the waiting room suggested that he’d make a great therapy dog. And, I think, if we get through this mess, I might look into training for him so we can go visit nursing homes and hospitals. Something about Argo just makes people happy. And something about Argo has made me a better person.


  1. Grinch heart? I don’t believe that for a second.

    Argo sounds like a very trusty companion. I hope everything is OK.

  2. hugs. i totally can understand when you say he is more than a dog. i bought bacci a little after my gut wrenching breakup and the smiles and laughs he has brought to me are unbelivable. hugs to you and argo

  3. Waiting is the hardest part of test results. Sending good thoughts your way. (fingers crossed)

  4. I understand how hard it is to watch your pet go through medical problems. It’s just like watching a (human) family member go through them.

    Hope Argo is OK.

  5. I hope it all turns out ok. I’m sending positive thoughts your way.

  6. I think taking him to visit nursing homes is a great idea. Share that love.

  7. We had to kennel our pooches(and kitties) in order to visit family over Christmas and we missed them SOOOOO much. I really really want Argo to be well.
    Lots of love and positive thoughts.

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