I like making lists better than cooking turkeys.

  • I cook a turkey breast once or twice a month for sandwiches, etc.  At this point, roasted turkey doesn’t feel all that special anymore, and you all know how me and holidays and tradition aren’t things that naturally fit together neatly in a nice pretty little package.  So, instead of spending days slaving over a hot stove to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal, we’re opting for a random mix of favorite foods we rarely get to eat.  Yes, there will be haddock (for me, at least).  And pumpkin pie. . . but not because it’s Thanksgiving, just because I like it.
  • While I’m not all “Yesss!!!! Holidaysssss!!!!!!” I’m very excited that I’ll get to see some of my favorite people this weekend.
  • I was going to record another reader question video yesterday, but it was WAY too dark in my office, even with all the lights on.  It’s not a daylight savings time issue, it’s a Rochester doesn’t get enough sun in the winter issue.  I’ll have to check the forecast and cross my fingers for some brighter days next week and try again.  Stay tuned, and send questions!
  • I think I’m seriously going to order some sunlight lamps this year.
  • Do you remember that episode of Northern Exposure when everyone got addicted to light therapy? 
  • One of my book club friends told me about her Jazzercise class, and I’m actually going to go.  Be afraid.  Or at least prepared for tales of me publicly humiliating myself.  
  • I am not pregnant.  On the Facebook page for STAY, I linked to a post mentioning STAY at Barnes & Noble Book Clubs by the lovely Lisa Steinke.  Lisa, is pregnant, and wrote about being in the last few weeks of her pregnancy in the beginning of the post.  You know how when you post a link on Facebook, the first paragraph of a post shows up?  Can you see where this is going?  I’ve gotten a few congrats e-mails and even a call from a friend who was a little confused as to why I’d announce something like that to Blogland before I gave her a call.  So, please send your warmest congratulations to Lisa, because she is both wonderful AND actually expecting. 
  • I had a dental appointment yesterday, but drove to the dermatologist instead.  Thankfully, I realized my mistake before I walked into the dermatologist’s office, sexy nighttime mouthguard in hand.
  • My brain is very occupied by my next project.
  • Stella learned how to drink out of my water glass when I’m not looking.  She taught Argo, too.
  • Bones is my latest TV show fix, but because of the high ick factor and my low ick tolerance, I can’t watch it while I’m eating, before I go to bed, or while I’m cooking, which is limiting.  Thank goodness for wireless headphones, so I can watch while I’m vacuuming.  Temperance Brennan is such a great character.  I love how she is somewhat detached and completely socially awkward, but still so likable.  
  • Seriously, guys!  Jazzercise.  Me.  I was a liability in my preschool dance class, and it was all downhill from there.  
  • Two words: Wii Wakeboarding.
What’s on your list?


  1. I think I’m gonna have to see if Courtney will put Northern Exposure in the Netflix queue. That may be the first show I ever made a point of watching every week, even though no one else in my family particularly cared for it.

  2. Jazzercize sounds fun!

    totally right there with you regarding the whole dark thing. We have it here too. I see U.V. lamps in my future.

  3. Oooh! I just LOVE your new blog header!

  4. I can only imagine the Jazzercize fun you’ll have. Hopefully the people won’t get mad at your uncoordinated self or you don’t end up a pile of laughter on the floor. Both of which would happen to me so I shall never be talked into going.

    I eat dinner late so I usually find myself eating while watching it, it’s quite disgusting but I never seem to learn. It is a great show though, worth the ick factor.

  5. Every Jazzercise like class I’ve ever been to, the entire class has been uncoordinated. I think you’ll have a blast!

    Love the new design.

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