Here, there, and everywhere

  • I finally figured out a plan for the garden this year. Now I just have to tackle the weeds. They are obscene and I hate them. But I’m looking forward to a summer with lots of strawberries and raspberries. And possibly some blueberries.
  • We had a frost warning last night and another one tonight. IT’S FREAKING MAY! Stop it with the frost already.
  • Joan, from writing group has a story up at Literary Mama, and it’s awesome. Go read it.
  • J and I are on week three of marathon training. I think we’ve decided to stop and revise when we hit ten miles. Then we’ll start working on speed, stride, burning fat, etc., since neither of us actually has any desire to run a full marathon, and I don’t think I have the time to devote to 15 mile runs on Sundays. I do, however, love having a running schedule, and love working on this with J. We run on the treadmill during the week and do some trail running on the weekends. I think we’ve logged 34 miles so far.
  • I put a hole in my foot on our second trail run, when a thorn pierced the bottom of my barefoot shoes. Foot injuries freak me out. In college, a friend’s roommate stepped on an unidentified pointy thing on the floor of their room (later inspection showed that it could have been a toenail, staple, broken paperclip, used toothpick, or apple stem). The wound got infected and he spent months on crutches. My foot is fine, but I am now using trail running shoes for trail running (I’m still barefoot running on the treadmill at home). I hate shoes.
  • Rewrites. Rewrites. Rewrites.
  • I have not been the world’s best friend lately. I am behind on phone calls, e-mail, and all that stuff. When I’m at the end of this draft, hopefully, I’ll catch up (and also write blog posts that aren’t in list form). My head is so busy figuring out things for my imaginary friends right now that I don’t have it in me to focus on much else.
  • Mrs. Gnome has mowed her lawn three times since last Thursday. We’ve mowed ours once this season.
  • JJ Abrams made me seasick this weekend. Would it have killed him to put at least one static shot in the entire film? I wish I’d worn my Sea-Bands, so I didn’t have to spend most of the movie with my head down pretending it was a radio play. And I don’t think it was worth it. I mean, maybe the visuals were what made the movie work. Maybe we were supposed to feel spacesick and I just don’t understand true art. But I feel like the king of plot twists failed to provide any, and I think it fell flat. Maybe I’d be a little less crabby about it if I hadn’t spent the duration of the movie worried that I might hurl used popcorn.


  1. Awww, I loved the Star Trek movie. I want to go see it again!

  2. Am I the last person on Earth who hasn’t seen Star Trek yet? It’s been out for four days, and I already feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t seen it yet!

    Barefoot shoes? That seems like an oxymoron. But also a good band name.

  3. I haven’t seen it yet, either. That’s okay, though. Since it’s set in the future, it hasn’t happened yet. There is time.

  4. She’s mowed her lawn three times? Isn’t that actually bad for the grass? Maybe she should put down asphalt and be done with it.

  5. Good friends understand when you’re busy!

    I had the exact same thought about Star Trek. I get some of the wobbly shots, but there were scenes on Earth that were wobbly that didn’t make sense. It was making me seasick too.

  6. I haven’t seen ST yet either, but I want to.

    Our neighbor mows his grass two or three times a week. It’s insane! An we’re talking acres big yard here on the side of a mountain (well an East Coast mountain anyway!)

  7. Mother Nature has obviously lost her calendar, frost in May?

  8. I heard that about that movie. I’ll have to really work on keeping the camera steady in any of my own future videos.

    I think that’s a good call wearing shoes on the trail.

  9. You’re training for a marathon? Wow! My husband runs but I’m firmly in the Hold His Stuff and Drink Coffee Until the Crosses the Finish Line camp.

    If you don’t want to run the whole marathon, can you do it as a relay team w/ J.? You each run one 1/2 of the course. My husband did that with another guy last year and said that it was a good way to be motivated to keep training yet it’s a shorter distance which means you’re less likely to injure yourself when you start building up to the 15+ mile training runs.

  10. Courtney, I heard William Shatner hasn’t seen Star Trek yet.

  11. I put off putting in my garden because of the frost warnings two weeks ago, now time is getting away from me and I’m afraid the garden is simply not going to happen.

  12. I believe that the last day of frost in our part of SD is around 6/1

  13. It isn’t just Abrams who is far too fond of bobbing and weaving with the camera. Seems very in vogue these days, but I’m with you. Keep the damn thing still.

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