I Talk to Strangers

Ran to Kmart for some cleaning supplies. An older gentleman holding a folded over doormat got in line ahead of me, and then said, “No. No. you go first. I cut you off.”
He really hadn’t. I told him so. He was red-faced and sheepish and insisted I go first. Then, I think because we’d had such a friendly exchange, he showed me why he was so sheepish. The doormat had a picture of an Airstream camper with some trees and a campfire out front. Underneath it read, “WE SLEEP AROUND!”
I laughed.
He said, “I sent my wife a picture of it as a joke and she said, ‘You have to buy that.'”
“It’s funny,” I said.
“I’m embarrassed even holding it,” he said.
“It’s really funny,” I said. “And it clears everything up with the picture.”
“See here,” he pointed to the camper. “It’s like a caricature of an Airstream. And we have an Airstream camper.”
“Then you need it,” I said. “And it makes your wife laugh.”
When my goods were bagged and back in the cart, he put the mat on the counter, face down, like he was buying a dirty magazine. I smiled at him. “It’s really funny,” I said, again.
“Thanks for giving me the confidence,” he said, as the checker started to ring him up. “I almost quit on it.”
I hope you have also had great charm and warmth in your day.