Brown paper packages . . .

Yesterday, I added a few of Van’s favorite things to the STAY prize pack, so today I’m adding a few of mine. Mind you, these are not mutually exclusive categories. I enjoy the occasional gum drop, my love for coffee knows no bounds, and I don’t think Van would turn her nose up at this collection of goodies.

  • A cotton tote bag from
  • Valdosta Orange Black Pepper Pecans
  • Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Blackout Fair Trade Organic Chocolate
  • Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Coconut Chai
  • Badger Balm Lavender Lip Balm
  • Ginger Mint Foam Bath
  • And, lest you start thinking I’m classy or something – True Lemon Lemonade packets. Just add a little water and your own tequila for a low-cal, low-rent margarita. Salt optional.
Add your STAY photos here to enter! Contest ends October 31st!
In other news, GalleyCat thinks authors should be represented on Dancing with the Stars, and is running a contest. The author with the most votes will be featured in a GalleyCat campaign to get her/him on the show. The brilliant and amazing Claire Cook is in the lead, but still needs votes to make it happen. Go show her some support! All you have to do is “Like” GalleyCat on Facebook (which really, if you’re a writer or a book lover you should anyway, because they are a wonderful source of industry info) and post a comment with Claire’s name in it on this post.


  1. I LOVE everything in that prize, especially the dark chocolate. Have I mentioned how much I miss our coffee dates lately?

  2. Greenists pimpage! I love it!

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